Website of the Kingdom of Kemedal Gwefan y Frenhiniaeth y Cymoedd

The most popular sport in Kemedal is Rugby and like several other soevereign nations on Vexillium the country enjoys representation in the VRB World Cup. Rugby is seen as a core part of Kemedal's national identity, with Football a distinct second to Rugby. Rugby in Kemedal is governed by the Undeb Rygbi y Cymoedd (URC, Kemedal Rugby Union), which is the second oldest Rugby governing body on Vexillium.

Rugby at the national level is organised into four professional divisions:

     Pencampwriaeth Genedlaethol (National Championship, 12 teams)
     Prifadran y Cymoedd (Kemedalian First Division, 14 teams)
     Ail Adran (Second Division, 16 teams)
     Trydedd Adran (Third Division, 16 teams)

Below the professional level is a number of semi-professional and amateur leagues which feed the professional teams. There is also the national knock-out cup called 'Rygbi Cup', for which is competed by all rugby teams in Kemedal.