Website of the Kingdom of Kemedal Gwefan y Frenhiniaeth y Cymoedd


Official name: Brenhiniaeth y Cymoedd 'Kingdom of Kemedal' (litt. 'Kingdom of the Valleys')
Short name: Y Cymoedd 'Kemedal' (litt. 'The Valleys')
Demonym: Kemese, Kemedalian
Adjective: Kemese, Kemedalian
Area: 518,123.02 km2
Regime: constitutional monarchy / parliamentary democracy

Official holidays
: Saint Paul (18 February), Liberty Day (30 April), Birthday of king Iestyn III (26 September)
National anthem: Byddwn ni'n cwrdd Chrŵs yn y Cymoedd ('We will meet with Cruis in Kemedal'), lyrics by Ffransis Rhoeddon (194 - 268), music by Gwythyr Enionyth (206 - 275)

: 54,115,784 (est. 1/1/321)
Population density: 104.45 inh/km2
Population growth: 1.76% (320)
Life expectancy: male 74.3, female 78.9 years
Top 5 cities (+ inhabitants):
   Aberban (5,400,960)
   Porthlong Danfor (3,955,071)
   Llanfarc (1,281,386)
   Corwn (899,208)
   Abercyffyr (851,232)
Ethnic groups: Kemese (91%), Ansonian, Gronkian, Albionish, Meritan.
Languages: Kemese, Ingallish (official)
Literacy: 99%
Religions: Cruisanism (89%), Emethitist (4%), atheist/agnostics (6%)
Universities: Bala (471 BP), Llanbw (236 BP), Aberban (304 AP)

Highest mountain
: Wentywyssa (2442 m / 8011.81 ft)
Largest lake: Llyn Byw (shared with Albion-Merit)
Longest river: Sioned (shared with Ansonia)


: Aberban
Administrative division: five States (Taleithiau, sing. Talaith; Aberban, Bala, Corwn, Gwaun, and Llidiard), divided in Regions (Brydd, sing. Bro)
Head of state: king Iestyn III (since 299, crowned 302)
Legislative: Siambr y Taleithiau 'Camber of States'; 125 members, elected every five years in five constituencies of 25 members each through a system of proportional representation.
Political parties: Plaid Flaengar Ddemocrataidd (PBD, Progressive Democratic Party of Kemedal), Plaid Ddemocrataidd (PD, Democratic Party of Kemedal), Plaid Pobl Werdd (PPW, Green People's Party of Kemedal), Plaid Ryddfrydol (PRh, Kemese Liberal Party), Plaid Weriniaethol (PG, Republican Party of Kemedal), Undeb y Brenhinwyr y Cymoedd (UBC, Monarchist Union of Kemedal), Plaid Cyfiawnder a Thwf (PCT, Justice and Development Party), Plaid Sosialaidd (PS, Socialist Party of Kemedal), Plaid Cymwyr Cywir (PCC, True Kemese Party)
Executive: The cabinet, consisting of the Grand Minister and the other ministers.
Head of government: Grand Minister James Hillmere (UBC, since 320)
Minister of foreign affairs: Nancy Cameron (f) (PD, since 320)
International organisations: United Nations of Vexillium
Diplomatic relations: see list
: Constitutional court of Kemedal, Supreme Administrative Court of Kemedal, Supreme Criminal Court of Kemedal, regular courts

: 2,239.3 billion; 41,380 per capita (320)
Currency: crown (coron, KCR, Ⴚ); 1 crown = 100 arians (ar); Ⴚ1.038 = 1 GBZ
Inflation: 0.8% (320)
Unemployment: 4.9% (320)
Working population: agriculture 22.7%, industry 21.7%, services 55.6%
Main trade partners:
Main companies: AwyrCywir (aerospace), AwyrBan (airline), RhCC (railways), Rheilffyrdd Aberban (railways), Rheilffyrdd y Gogledd (railways), Traciau Haearn Sioned (railways), Rheilffyrdd y Llyn (railways), Sgwr Group (paper), Ddyllunia (furniture), Rhoipobydd (furniture), GBCP/Y Post (postal services), PostPell (telecommunication), Porffor (telecommunication), CanuCwm (telecommunication), Rhydd (telecommunication), CDCB (broadcasting), Radio Aberban (broadcasting), Stiwdios Seren (broadcasting), CDC Bydysawd (broadcasting), Y Rhwydwaith Euraid (broadcasting)

International phone number
: +177
Main local numbers: divided by state: Aberban 01, 02; Bala 03; Corwn 05,06; Gwaun 07; Llidiard 08. Special numbers 04, mobile numbers 09
Internet code: .ke, .kem
Main newspapers: Y Safon, Y Cyhoeddwr Beunyddiol, The Ingallish Word, Y Lusern Werdd, Y Papurau Masnach
Time zone: