Website of the Kingdom of Kemedal Gwefan y Frenhiniaeth y Cymoedd

Historically the area that is now known as Kemedal consisted of numerous semi-independent realms that waged war on each other and/or lived in peaceful coexistence and/or were part of foreign powers at times.

In 198 BP the Gronk Empire conquered the area. Initially incorporated as the province of Kemedal, its importance grew over the years. In 24 AP the Emperor of Gronk appointed prince Ieuan IV Lowarch of Bala to lead the Duchy of Kemedal, after the original Ducal dynasty had been wiped out by the Plague. Already in 51 AP the Duchy was elevated to Grand-Duchy, and in 173 AP it was once again elevated to Kingdom within the Empire.

After the collapse of the Empire in 296, the Kemese Royal Family briefly went in exile until 302, when Kemedal became independent from Ansonia, which itself had become independent from Gronk only a few years earlier and had annexed Kemedal in the process. Since 302 Kemedal has been fully independent.