Website of the Kingdom of Kemedal • Gwefan y Frenhiniaeth y Cymoedd

Violent protests after majority votes in favour of merger Kemedal and Ansonia (17/12/321) • King Iestyn III celebrates 70th birthday (25/9/321) • Ansonian Prime Minister Bugall announces referendum on merger with Kemedal (26/5/321) • New Unification Party victorious in Ansonian elections (7/5/321) • New government formed after sudden breakthrough (23/6/320) • Ansonian factory explodes (22/6/320) • Monarchists, Greens, and Liberals win elections (7/6/320) • Bilateral summit with Wesmerité will go ahead despite government crisis (2/5/320) • PD and PRh withdraw government support (1/5/320) • Aberban and Porthlong should become States of their own (24/4/320) • Mysterious explosion at Ansonian border unsettles inhabitants Llangerafon (6/3/320) • Grand Duke and Duchess of Aberban expecting fifth child (3/3/320) • Government considering administrative reorganisation (17/1/320)

Kemedal and Ansonia in 320 AP. Click for a larger version of this map



The Kingdom of Kemedal (Brenhiniaeth y Cymoedd, litt. 'Kingdom of the Valleys') is a country located in the north-western part of the continent of Eras. It is bordered by Ansonia (Answnia) to the north-east, the People's Republic of Gronk (Gweriniaeth Pobl Gronc) to the east, Zentralsk (Y Canolbarth Oerdd) to the south-east, Albion-Merité (Y Feirth) to the south, and the Bay of Merité (Y Bae'r Feirth) to the west. Kemedal has an estimated population of 53 million and is officially bilingual, with both Kemese (Cwmeg) and Ingallish having equal status; in practice however, Ingallish serves as an administrative language only and is not actively mastered by the entire population.

Kemedal stretches from the Bay of Merité in the west to the northern tip of the south-eastern Yokes mountain range (Iwychod), which extends into Albion-Merité and Zentralsk. Most of Kemedal is covered either by forests or grassland, which in earlier times provided Kemedal with its means to survice. The south-eastern part of the country is covered by hills and mountains. Located around the city of Bala are the Great Lakes (Llynoedd Mawr), the larger of which is shared with Albion-Merité.

The two major rivers of Kemedal are the river Sioned, which runs along the border with Ansonia, and the river Elynor, which starts in the Yokes mountains and flows down the mountains via Castell Gronc and into the People's Republic of Gronk, where it turns to the north and flows into the North Gronkian Sea.

Political situation
Kemedal has been an independent kingdom since 302, but although the nominal head of state is King Iestyn III, political power lies with the government, headed by the Grand Minister. The country is relatively stable, with rare scandals mostly only caused by the country's politicians.