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The two main languages of Kemedal are Kemese and Ingallish, which are both official. In practice however, Ingallish serves as an administrative language only and is not actively mastered by the entire population. A small part of the population has Ingallish as their native language, mostly in the region adjacent to the Ansonian border around the river Sioned but also in isolated communities on the westcoast. A larger part of the population used to speak Ingallish as their native language before 302 but after the end of the Ansonian occupation a large de-ingallification has been going on, which is not officially promoted or endorsed, but not discouraged either by the government.

As a result of these developments, many people, especially in the ruling elite, still have Ingallish sounding names although many of them now speak Ingallish as a second language only. People can adopt a Kemese spelling of their Ingallish names or translate it altogether if possible. The other way around is not forbidden but whoever tries it are said to experience 'clerical obstruction'.

The Kemese language (Cwmeg) has a striking resemblance to the Earth language of Welsh, although there are some differences, mostly in pronunciation. In the world of Vexillium, Kemese is a Futuronian language belonging to the subgroup of Aracimric languages and as such more or less closely related to Fyldish and Estron. Kemese is spoken as a first or second language by approximately 46 million people in Kemedal and by several millions more in other countries, including Ansonia.




Text samples
1). Months of the year
Dates in Kemese are formed with an ordinal number to indicate the day, followed by the preposition o (which causes soft mutation) and the name of the month.

There are two sets of names for the thirteen months and the Ortus and Phoenix Days: the version that is used most often is the 'international' version, which consists of the international Vexillian names of the months but in Kemese spelling; the second set consists of literal Kemese translations of the international Vexillian names.

The first set:
Aries, Bofis, Castor, Delffis, Ecwys, Ffelis, Gallus, Histrics, Ibecs, Iwnics, Coracs, Lwpis, Mantis, Ortws, Ffenics

Names of the first set that are mutated by the preposition o:
o Fofis, o Gastor, o Ddelffis, o Allus, o Goracs, o Fantis

The second set:
Mis Hwrdd, Mis Ych, Mis Afanc, Mis Dolffin, Mis March, Mis Cath, Mis Ceiliog, Mis Ballasg,
Mis Alpafr, Mis Gwas y Neidr, Mis Cigfran, Mis Blaidd, Mis Locust, Dydd Glöyn Byw, Dydd Ffenics.