Аџач Валтежіш Ефішіеље Вепсаітча • Adźać Valteźiś Efiśieĺe Vepsaitća • Official Website of the Adzhatian State

Official name: Аџач Валтеціʀ / Adźać Valteciŕ ('Adzhatian State')
National holiday: 14 June (Dawn of Democracy)
Anthem: Аса, zŏ zварош нош Аџаціча (God, save our Adzhatia); lyrics and music by Aliksandeŕ Baśvahei (*1968), adopted in 2011
Flag: A yellow Scandinavian cross with black borders on a bright green panel, with a black cossack cross with yellow border in the top left corner.

Area: 77,618 km2
Highest mountain: Demokraciaisa Verkciŕ (1396 m.)
Longest river: Taiś
Climate: ET (Tundra)
Average temperature in January and July: -15°C, 10°C
Average quantity of rain: 750 mm. a year
Time zone: UTC + 2, UTC + 3 in summer

Inhabitants: 735,071 (1-1-2023)
Population density: 9.47 inh./km2
Growth rate: 0.48% (2022)
Life expectancy: male 64.7, female 69.4 years
Top 5 cities (+ inhabitants):
- Aśtinok (138,234)
- Kercei (97,244)
- Kosegińdrăt (74,934)
- Ćŭŕdveź (72,818)
- Huśte (34,018)
Languages: Adzhatic (official language, which can be written in Cyrillic and Latin alphabets), Russian, and Finn-Ugric dialects (unofficial)
Literacy: 98.7%
Religions: (Adzhatian) Orthodox (97%)
Universities: Technical University of Pruteilăć (founded in 1955), Adzhatian State University (2011)



Form of government: parliamentary republic
Capital: Aśtinok, known from 1957 to 2011 as 'Bazăŕ Gĕĺ'
Administrative divisions: twelve districts
Head of state: President of the Adzhatian State
Ms Astrid Kŭćma (since 8 October 2022)
Parliament: unicameral parliament called the Dume (Dumća), with 160 members, 45 of which are elected every four years through regional representation, while the other 115 are chosen by proportional representations every four years - but not necessarily at the same time.
Main political parties: Secializdźiś (social-democrats), Bloc-Ħĭnzei (conservatives), ĔAP (europeanists), AVŎD (liberals), NKP (communists), DZ-P (environmentalists), IA (pro-Russians), PDA (conservative Christians), TF (far right populists)
Head of government: Ms Ŕanije Erijeź (since 12 September 2017)
Minister of foreign affairs: Mr Feliks Balakśin (since 12 September 2017)
International organisations: United Nations (2004), Nordic Council (2004), FICTS (2008 - 2011), FICT (2011), Exumbran Convention (2012)



GDP: $10,388 million (2022); $14,133 (per capita)
Currency: 1 Adzhatian Peka (AZP) = €0.07
Inflation: 9.22% (2022)
Unemployment: 10.5% (2022)
Working population: agriculture: 16.1%, industry: 46.1%, services: 37.8%
Export: chemical products, refrigerators, fish, ships
Import: oil, technological products, cars, provisions, raw materials
Main partners: Russia, Norway, Iceland, Yukland, European Union, USA, Canada, Kronenburg
Main businesses: Śŏdźak (whale processing), Kosegińdrădze Produkciaś (blast furnaces), Miheĺśŭnze Jan (refrigerators), Valteića Vervźiś (National Shipyards)
Main newspapers: Śaizeźiś Jadeća (Voice of the People, 1950), Adźaciaisa Prăftciŕ (Newspaper of Adzhatia, 1992)