Adzhatia is a ficticious country situated in a version of the real world that looks almost exactly like the real world. Therefore it is very likely that there are many similarities with the real history, real countries, situations and persons that play a role in this project. Please don't confuse Adzhatia for something that exists for real as I won't accept any responsability for awkward situations that might arise if you do.

The project of Adzhatia started in 2003 after creating the first draft of the Adzhatic language, which in itself is based on the Hattic language, more information about which you may find here. The turbulent political situation in Adzhatia between 2004 and 2006 was the result of my not knowing exactly in which direction I wanted to steer the country and so one form of government quickly followed others. Although the form of government has been stable since 2006, the quick successions of governments themselves has become somewhat of a tradition in Adzhatia; several important political factions consider personal fame more important than ruling the country in a proper way and they aren't strong enough to provide the country with some kind of stability.

Despite the fact that Adzhatia joined the international interaction project FICTS in 2008, I didn't elaborate the country much until 2011, when additional participants in FICTS turned the organisation into FICT, which became more active and required a more continuous flow of information from its member states. FICT split in early 2012 into the continuation of FICT and the Exumbran Convention; Adzhatia was the only country to become a member of both organisations.

Aspects of Adzhatia that I have defined so far, are its language, a political map as well as an altitude map, the political system, some basic information about the Adzhatian economy and culture, as well as a growing list of persons (Adzhatians), who are mostly politicians, due to the fact that that aspect of the country is the most developed. Adzhatia mainly exists on the internet and in my own archive, but one time I used a fictional character from a fictional work of the fictional Adzhatian writer Ereh Maććok to dress up like at a costumed party; an advantage of geofiction is that one can break through the limitations of the real world for difficult daily questions such as what to wear to a costumed party!

In 2013, I created the page Learn Useless Adzhatic on facebook.

Questions can be asked through brander at dulminis dot nl (anyone who'll use this address to stuff my mail box with spam, will be haunted by me as a ghost when I'm dead!)


Some other countries designed by me
  Harrawi (EC)
  Kronenburg (AGL, EC)
  New Courland (EC)
  Voskia (AGL, FICT)

Some countries designed by other people
  Chimor (EC)
  Dhram Ph (EC)
  Guelphia (FICT)
  Huenan (EC)
  le de Romanhe (AGL, FICT)
  Kaupelan (FICT)
  Khusqaikama (EC)
  Kpwahele & Nγurumba (EC)
  Tarmorya (FICT)
  Yukland (FICT)
  Yutyrama (FICT)

Ficticious international organisations
  the Exumbran Convention
  the Forum for International Cooperation and Trade (FICT), portal on Geopoeia
  the League of Geofictional Nations (AGL)

  the Adzhatic language Learn Useless Adzhatic on facebook
  the Hattic language

  the Dutch Geofiction Association