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28 September 2014 - Yesterdays parliamentary elections were won by the liberal AVŎD and the communist NKP; AVŎD, part of the coalition government with Secializdźiś and DzP, has requested an additional AVŎD minister in the cabinet. The presidential elections that were held on the same day were won by the government candidate Kataŕine Matuś (AVŎD); she will be sworn in on 11 October.
29 August 2014 - The electoral committee announced the six candidates that will run for president next month. To the surprise of many, the list didn't include incumbent president Bekina, despite the fact that he is elegible for a second term in office.
28 August 2014 - During the Council Meeting of the Exumbran Convention in Ashtinok, member state Dhram Ph was allowed to switch to Observer Status.
3 May 2014 - During a FICT summit in le de Romanhe, the Adzhatian proposal for a 'flexible FESD Budget' was adopted.
25 April 2014 - The government has postponed a decision on the possibility of joining the Russian lead Custums Union with Kazakhstan and Belarus.
22 March 2014 - Rightwing political parties Bloc-Ħĭnzei and Trŏśtan Frentciŕ call for suspension of FICT member state Tarmorya after the controversial appointment of a new ambassador to the Forum only a day before it was the Tarmoryan ambassador's turn to assume the job of Secretary General of FICT.
2 March 2014 - Foreign minister Demitrieź Fŭĺgan has urged Russia to cease its actions in Ukraine.
7 February 2014 - The government disagrees with a proposal made by Kaupelan regarding the budget for the FICT fund FESD and proposes a more flexible budget.
4 February 2014 - President Bekina has rejoined party Bloc-Ħĭnzei. Despite the fact that the president won't seek an active role within the party, critics say that the party may have asked the president to rejoin in order to boost its popularity, which has been in decline since 2010.