The Specialised Organisations and the Juridical Committee

FICT has the following specialised organisations:

  The FICT Social Investment Bank (FSIB) (formerly Fund for Economic and Social
  Development (FESD)), located in Vtgar (Yukland)
  The FICT Secretariat for Trade and Economy (FSTE), located in Rāģidz (Voskia)
  The FICT Secretariat for Tourism and Sports (FSTS), located in La Mre Boire (le de Romanhe)
  The FICT Secretariat for Scientific Cooperation (FSSC), located in Clive-on-the-Hill (Guelphia)

The specialised organisations are lead by a director, who is appointed by the General Assembly for a period of three years. He or she may be reappointed once.

Furthermore, there is the Juridical Committee of the Forum (JCF), the tasks of which still have to be decided upon.


Directors of FSIB (formerly FESD)
01 Germain Karg (le de Romanhe) 4 May 2013 1 May 2016
02 Luc Plssn (Yukland) 1 May 2016 19 November 2017
00 ... (deputy director, acting) 19 November 2017 12 May 2018
03 Faiz Rahman (MAS Republic) 12 May 2018 incumbent
Directors of FSTE
01 Igoŕ Seħćik (Adzhatia) two terms 4 May 2013 4 May 2019
02 Silas Wilmot (Guelphia) two terms 4 May 2019 incumbent
Directors of FSTS
01 Ramiru Sendereh (Kaupelan) 4 May 2013 1 May 2016
02 Acau Dantas Nonato (Yutyrama) two terms 1 May 2016 incumbent
Directors of FSSC
01 Faruk Yeriyeg (Harrawi) 1 June 2016 1 June 2019
02 Dr. Cornwall Flores Caamao (New Courland) 1 June 2019 incumbent