Forum for International Cooperation and Trade

The Specialised Organisations and the Juridical Committee

FICT has the following Specialised Organisations:
  • The FICT Social Investment Bank (FSIB); formerly the Fund for Economic and Social Development (FESD), located in Vítgarð (Yukland)
  • The FICT Secretariat for Trade and Economy (FSTE), located in Rajize (Voskia)
  • The FICT Secretariat for Tourism and Sports (FSTS), located in La Mère à Boire (Île de Romanhe)
  • The FICT Secretariat for Scientific Cooperation (FSSC), initially located in Clive-on-the-Hill (Guelphia), then moved to Oryaa (Harrawi) in 2022-2023.
The specialised organisations are lead by a director, who is appointed by the General Assembly for a period of three years. He or she may be reappointed once.

Furthermore, there is the Juridical Committee of the Forum (JCF). Its main task is to function as an arbiter in case of disagreement between FICT and its member states, or between member states of FICT about the interpretation of treaties and other FICT related procedural matters, and in trade disputes. It was established by a Regulation adopted on the FICT General Assembly of 6 May 2017.

Directors of FSIB (formerly FESD)
1 Germain Karg (╬le de Romanhe) 4 May 2013 1 May 2016
2 Luc Pálssœn (Yukland) 1 May 2016 19 November 2017
? (deputy director, acting) 19 November 2017 12 May 2018
3 Faiz Rahman (MAS Republic) two terms 12 May 2018 incumbent

Directors of FSTE
1 Igoŕ Seħćik (Adzhatia) two terms 4 May 2013 4 May 2019
2 Silas Wilmot (Guelphia) 1 May 2019 31 December 2021
? (deputy director, acting) 31 December 2021 5 November 2022
3 ClÚo Machado (f) (Yutyrama) 5 November 2022 incumbent

Directors of FSTS
1 Ramiru Sendereh (Kaupelan) 4 May 2013 1 May 2016
2 Acauã Dantas Nonato (Yutyrama) two terms 1 May 2016 5 November 2022
3 Jellou Ghezayr (Tarmorya) 5 November 2022 incumbent

Directors of FSSC
1 Faruk Yeriyeg (Harrawi) 1 June 2016 1 June 2019
2 Dr Cornwall Flores Caama˝o (New Courland) 1 June 2019 5 November 2022
3 Stefanu Cuffari (Voskia) 5 November 2022 incumbent

Judges of the JCF
1.1 Angelina Chan (f) (Amargo) 1 July 2017 31 December 2021
1.2 Maria ConceišŃo Colina (f) (Yutyrama) 1 July 2017 5 November 2022
1.3 Peter N. Cable (New Courland) 1 July 2017 5 November 2022
2.1 Robin Wasahi Daherayen (Kaupelan) 5 November 2022 incumbent
2.2 Lamberta Fr÷ling-Bakker (f) (Kronenburg) 5 November 2022 incumbent
2.3 ┴sa ╔kyr (f) (Yukland) 5 November 2022 incumbent

Regulation of the JCF
  1. The Juridical Committee of the Forum will consist of three permanent judges and (if the number of member states of FICT exceeds six) two stand-by judges.
  2. The three permanent judges are appointed by the General Assembly for one five year term.
  3. The three permanent judges cannot be citizens of the same member states.
  4. After five years three new permanent judges will be appointed; if the number of member states allows it, the new permanent judges should not be citizens of the same member states as their predecessors.
  5. The two stand-by judges cannot be citizens of the same member states as the permanent judges.
  6. At the beginning of each five year term a rotation system will be established by the General Assembly for the member states that havenĺt proposed permanent judges, in order to decide which member states will appoint the stand-by judges at what moment. The member states concerned subsequently appoint their judges when their turn arrives.
  7. The three permanent judges will receive a remuneration fee to be determined by the General Assembly.
  8. The Juridical Committee will be competent in the following matters:
    1. Disagreement on the interpretation of treaties and other FICT related procedural matters;
    2. Trade disputes
  9. The member states will make sure that at least two judges in the JCF are competent for each of the fields of expertise listed under 8).
  10. The three permanent members appoint a chairman from their midst for a renewable term of one year.
Cultural activities

There are three main cultural events that are organised or facilitated by FICT:
  • The FICT Games, a regularly organised sporting event between member states of FICT. The number and the nature of the sports that are offered may vary.
  • The FICT Fairs, which are exhibitions by member states of FICT (individually or in cooperation with other member states, at their own initiative and at a moment chosen by that/those member state(s)) that have been recognised by FICT as a fair that is in the interest of FICT, after wich the latter (and/or the appropriate FICT Secretariat, depending on the theme of the fair) will facilitate the fair's accessibility to all member states and can perhaps contribute to part of the fair's financing, if requested. FICT Fairs can have any social, cultural, scientific or economic theme that is in the interest of FICT.
  • The FICT Prizes. During the 14th General Assembly on 10 November 2019, two FICT prizes were created, which will be awarded annually by committees consisting of the combined ministers of culture (Lowok Aralangit Prize) and the environment (Green Prize):
    1. The Lowok Aralangit Prize for the promotion of general activities for the benefit of cooperation between FICT member states;
    2. The FICT Green Prize for the promotion of environmental solutions.
FICT Games
1 Yutyrama football/soccer (men) November 2013
2 ╬le de Romanhe football/soccer, volleyball, triathlon, marathon December 2015
3 Kaupelan athletics, cycling, football, sailing, swimming, thriathlon, and volleyball June 2017
4 Republic of MAS football/soccer, triathlon, marathon, sailing, cycling, athletics November 2019
5 Adzhatia cancelled because of the Covid pandemic 2021
6 Tarmorya t.b.a. 2023

FICT Fairs
1 Kingsbury, Guelphia 28/03/2016 - 25/04/2016
2 Friescheburg, Kronenburg Sustainable Development t.b.a. in 2023