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 ▪ 19 November: the Tenth General Assembly of FICT will be held in Amargo.
 ▪ 1 October: Saŭĺ Cħvĕŕiśek replaces Anatoĺ Bugănskie as the ambassador from Adzhatia to FICT.
 ▪ 21 September: Muwat Shonshuu Yusuuf becomes Secretary General.
 ▪ 6 May: the Ninth General Assembly of FICT was held in Vtgar, Yukland.
 ▪ 21 March: Sir Thomas Johnson becomes Secretary General.
 ▪ 21 January: Tomas Ģoni becomes the new Voskian ambassador to FICT.

 ▪ 20 December: Alwisyu Tanwahu replaces Aryanto Nuhusedim as the ambassador from Kaupelan
 ▪ to FICT.
 ▪ 13 November: the Eighth General Assembly of FICT was held in Divis, Voskia. Originally having
 ▪ been scheduled on 5 November, it was postponed by a week due to the death of former Voskian
 ▪ president Umberto Scuolz. The GA decided that a draft regulation will be presented at the latest in
 ▪ April 2017.

 ▪ 21 September: Alexio Mateus becomes Secretary General.
 ▪ 13 May: Parliament of Amargo ratified the Treaty of sor, enabling the country's full
 ▪ membership of FICT.
 ▪ 7 May: the Seventh General Assembly of FICT was held in Bizet, Republic of MAS. Two new
 ▪ member states joined FICT: Amargo and Pannonia. The Free Trade Agreement was replaced by
 ▪ a new version, and a Secretariat for Scientific Cooperation was founded, to be hosted by Guelphia.
 ▪ 21 March:
Anatoĺ Bugănskie becomes Secretary General for the second time.

 ▪ 7 November: the Sixth General Assembly of FICT was held in Porto de Mata, Yutyrama. It was
 ▪ decided that FICT Games will be held in every odd year, the next in 2017 in Kaupelan.
 ▪ 29 June: Mr. Rajesh Mandal was appointed as the ambassador to FICT of the Republic of
 ▪ Maysoran, Algheran and Shaoran today, after the MAS parliament ratified the Treaty of sor
 ▪ last Friday.

 ▪ 6 June: after the Harrawi parliament ratified the sor Treaty on 4 June, foreign affairs minister
 ▪ Ms. Muwat Shonshuu Yusuuf was appointed Harrawi ambassador to FICT as of today.
 ▪ 11 May: the parliament of New Courland ratified the sor Treaty. Ms Natālija Mauriņa is
 ▪ appointed New Courland ambassador to FICT with immediate effect.
 ▪ 2 May: the Fifth General Assembly of FICT took place in Kingsbury, Guelphia. Harrawi, the
 ▪ Republic of MAS and New Courland were accepted as new member states, and the sor Treaty
 ▪ was slightly changed.

 ▪ 21 March: ms Jana Gunnarssn has taken over as Secretary General of FICT.

 ▪ 21 September: ms Pēneupē Vavauzīc has taken over as Secretary General of FICT.
 ▪ 3 May: the Fourth General Assembly of FICT took place in Port de Boiguehenneuc, the capital of
 ▪ le de Romanhe. During this GA a more flexible system to determine the FESD budget, as well as
 ▪ a proposal to revieuw the free-trade agreement were adopted.
 ▪ 10 April: ms Roberta de Bragana replaces Jos Mrio Pessoa as Yutyraman ambassador to FICT.
 ▪ 21 March: the ambassador of Tarmorya has taken over as Secretary General of FICT.
 ▪ 20 March: Mansour Agdiri is appointed Tarmoryan ambassador of the Conference.
 ▪ 14 February: The Fourth General Assembly of FICT will take place in Port de Boiguehenneuc
 ▪ (le de Romanhe) on 3 May 2014.
 ▪ 14 February: Seħćik (FSTE) wants fixed trade tariffs within FICT. (source)

 ▪ 16 December: The Duchy of New Courland has announced that it will investigate the possibilities
 ▪ of a FICT membership.
 ▪ 17 November: Adzhatia has won the soccer championship during the first edition of the FICT
 ▪ Games in Yutyrama.
 ▪ 21 September: the ambassador of Kaupelan has taken over as Secretary General of FICT.
 ▪ 24 June: Guelphia ratified the Treaty of sor. The Lord Dequincy was appointed the first
Guelphian ambassador to the Conference.

 ▪ 22 June: The Guelphian people approved their country's accession to FICT in a referendum,
enabling the king to ratify the Treaty of sor.
 ▪ 13 June: Mr. Aryanto Nuhusedim has replaced ms. Isbel Mai Kurataata as the Kaupelanese
ambassador to FICT.
 ▪ 8 May: It was announced that a referendum will be held in Guelphia about the country's FICT-
 ▪ membership on Saturday 22 June.
 ▪ 4 May: the Third General Assembly of FICT took place in Ashtinok, the capital of Adzhatia.
 ▪ Guelphia was admitted as the eighth member of the Forum, but its membership will officially
 ▪ start after it has ratified the Treaty of sor.
 ▪ 2 April: the kingdom of Guelphia formally applied for membership of FICT.

 ▪ 21 March: the ambassador of le de Romanhe has taken over as Secretary General of FICT.
 ▪ 19 January: A special General Assembly was held to discuss the ongoing internal conflict in
 ▪ Tarmorya. FICT condemned the violence and the lack of democracy in Tarmorya and proposed
 ▪ the Ilyaroman PM Guimarc Bonamy as mediator.

 ▪ 23 November: le de Romanhe ratified the sor Treaty.
 ▪ 12 October: Tarmorya ratified the sor Treaty.
 ▪ 21 September: Adzhatia ratified the sor Treaty; being the fifth country to do so, the Treaty
 ▪ entered into force; the Adzhatian ambassador to the Conference assumed the position of first
 ▪ Secretary General.
 ▪ 17 September: Yutyrama ratified the sor Treaty.
 ▪ 13 August: Kaupelan ratified the sor Treaty.

 ▪ 31 July: Yukland ratified the sor Treaty.
 ▪ 12 July: Voskia ratified the sor Treaty.
 ▪ 28 June: In the past three days, the Second Council Meeting took place in sor, the capital of
 ▪ Yukland. During this summit, the Treaty of sor was approved; it will replace the Treaty of
 ▪ Purikali after ratification. The memberships of Chimor, Dhram Ph, Khusqaikama and Harrawi
 ▪ were formally ended and Voskia and le de Romanhe were welcomed as members.
 ▪ 9 June: Khusqaikama has suspended its membership of FICT
 ▪ 21 April: the Kaupelanese ambassador has taken over the Conference chair.
 ▪ 20 April: A group of FICT countries with more intensive ideas on cooperation announced
 ▪ negotiations for a new international organisation. Harrawi has put its membership on hold, calling
 ▪ back its ambassador.
 ▪ 4 April: First Council meeting in Dhram Đ, the capital of Dhram Ph, during which Chimor was
 ▪ admitted as the ninth member state of FICT. After that, differences of opinionsurfaced between
 ▪ several member states and the Council meeting ended without further decisions.

 ▪ 21 October: the parliament of Khusqaikama has ratified the Purikali Treaty, becoming the sixth
 ▪ country to do so. The FICT treaty has now entered into force. Ms. sSiŋ Hau, from Dhram Ph,
 ▪ takes over the Conference chair.
 1 July: Official start of FICT as geofictional project by the initial participants.
 ▪ 25 June: Meeting of the heads of government of the future member states of FICT in Purikali,
 ▪ Kaupelan, for the official launch of the new organisation.

Member states news summary

 ▪ 7 February: The Adzhatian government disagrees with the Kaupelanese budget proposal. (source)
 ▪ 6 February: In Voskia, the second government of prime minister Luia Apavia was approved by parliament. (source)
 ▪ 2 February: Başkim Arhali is elected as the new president of Voskia. His term will start on 19 February. (source)
 ▪ January: The Kaupelanese government proposes a tax reduction to accelerate the nation's development. (source)
 ▪ January: Kaupelan proposes to reduce FICT annual contribution by 50%. (source)
 ▪ January: The Kaupelanese Airline MKA has been restructured after successive financial losses in the last years that almost led to bankruptcy. (source)
 ▪ 9 January: Large scale Adzhatian railway maintenance to start in March. (source)