Forum for International Cooperation and Trade

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  • 5 May: The 21st General Assembly of FICT was held in Laxarmai, Voskia.
  • 1 April: Mr Erkŏh Bĕŕćek replaces Mr Saŭĺ Cħvĕŕiśek as ambassador from Adzhatia to FICT.
  • 21 March: Mr Abdurash Memyagshau (HW) becomes Secretary General.
  • 5 November: The 20th General Assembly of FICT was held in Surati, Republic of MAS.
  • 21 September: Mr Saŭĺ Cħvĕŕiśek (AJ) becomes Secretary General.
  • 21 May: The 19th General Assembly of FICT was held in Yutyrama.
  • 21 March: Mr Vicente Galvão Ribeiro (YM) becomes Secretary General.
  • 21 January: Mr Jusepu Marticelli replaces Mr Tomassu Joni as ambassador from Voskia to FICT.

  • 21 September: Ms Mæva Jœrðgarð (JK) becomes Secretary General.
  • 1 June: Mr Abdurash Memyagshau replaces Ms Muwat Shonshuu Yusuuf as the ambassador from Harrawi to FICT.
  • 1 April: Mr Vicente Galvão Ribeiro replaces Ms Roberta de Bragança as the ambassador from Yutyrama to FICT.
  • 21 March: Mr Tomassu Joni (VO) becomes Secretary General.

  • 21 November: Mr Archibald Gibbs replaces Ms Natālija Mauriņa as ambassador from New Courland to FICT.
  • 21 September: Mr Zakaria Ismeghlah (TY) becomes Secretary General.
  • 21 March: Mr Nut Gagarin (PO) becomes Secretary General.
  • 17 January: Mr Vijay Kuptar replaces Ms Haseena Begum as the ambassador of the Republic of MAS to FICT.

  • 11 November: Following Kronenburg's accession to FICT, Mr Johannes Oberlinga is appointed this country's first ambassador to FICT.
  • 21 September: Ms Natālija Mauriņa (DN) becomes Secretary General.
  • 1 April: Ms Mæva Jœrðgarð replaces Ms Jana Gunnarssœn as ambassador from Yukland to FICT.
  • 21 March: Ms Haseena Begum (RM) becomes Secretary General.

  • 21 September: Mr Alwisyu Tanwahu (KP) becomes Secretary General.
  • 26 June: Mr Zakaria Ismeghlah replaces Mr Yesib Borzalle as ambassador from Tarmorya to FICT.
  • 21 March: Mr Thimard Bonamy (RI) becomes Secretary General.

  • 19 November: The Tenth General Assembly of FICT was held in Amargo.
  • 1 October: Mr Saŭĺ Cħvĕŕiśek replaces Anatoĺ Bugănskie as the ambassador from Adzhatia to FICT.
  • 21 September: Ms Muwat Shonshuu Yusuuf (HW) becomes Secretary General.
  • 6 May: The Ninth General Assembly of FICT was held in Vítgarð, Yukland.
  • 21 March: Sir Thomas Johnson (GZ) becomes Secretary General.
  • 21 January: Mr Tomassu Joni becomes the new Voskian ambassador to FICT.

  • 20 December: Mr Alwisyu Tanwahu replaces Mr Aryanto Nuhusedim as the ambassador from Kaupelan to FICT.
  • 13 November: The Eighth General Assembly of FICT was held in Divis, Voskia. Originally having been scheduled on 5 November, it was postponed by a week due to the death of former Voskian president Umberto Scuolz. The GA decided that a draft regulation will be presented at the latest in April 2017.
  • 21 September: Mr Alexio Mateus (AA) becomes Secretary General.
  • 13 May: Parliament of Amargo ratified the Treaty of Ísðor, enabling the country's full membership of FICT.
  • 7 May: The Seventh General Assembly of FICT was held in Bizet, Republic of MAS. Two new member states joined FICT: Amargo and Pannonia. The Free Trade Agreement was replaced by a new version, and a Secretariat for Scientific Cooperation was founded, to be hosted by Guelphia.
  • 21 March: Mr Anatoĺ Bugănskie (AJ) becomes Secretary General for the second time.

  • 7 November: The Sixth General Assembly of FICT was held in Porto de Mata, Yutyrama. It was decided that FICT Games will be held in every odd year, the next in 2017 in Kaupelan.
  • 21 September: Ms Roberta de Bragança (YM) has taken over as Secretary General of FICT.
  • 29 June: Mr Rajesh Mandal was appointed as the ambassador to FICT of the Republic of Maysoran, Algheran and Shaoran today, after the MAS parliament ratified the Treaty of Ísðor last Friday.
  • 6 June: After the Harrawi parliament ratified the Ísðor Treaty on 4 June, foreign affairs minister Ms. Muwat Shonshuu Yusuuf was appointed Harrawi ambassador to FICT as of today.
  • 11 May: The parliament of New Courland ratified the Ísðor Treaty. Ms Natālija Mauriņa is appointed New Courland ambassador to FICT with immediate effect.
  • 2 May: The Fifth General Assembly of FICT took place in Kingsbury, Guelphia. Harrawi, the Republic of MAS and New Courland were accepted as new member states, and the Ísðor Treaty was slightly changed.
  • 21 March: Ms Jana Gunnarssœn (JK) has taken over as Secretary General of FICT.

  • 21 September: Ms Penelupe Vavauzici (VO) has taken over as Secretary General of FICT.
  • 3 May: The Fourth General Assembly of FICT took place in Port de Boiguehenneuc, the capital of Île de Romanhe. During this GA a more flexible system to determine the FESD budget, as well as a proposal to revieuw the free-trade agreement were adopted.
  • 10 April: Ms Roberta de Bragança replaces José Mário Pessoa as Yutyraman ambassador to FICT.
  • 21 March: The ambassador of Tarmorya has taken over as Secretary General of FICT.
  • 20 March: Mr Mansour Agdiri is appointed Tarmoryan ambassador of the Conference.
  • 14 February: The Fourth General Assembly of FICT will take place in Port de Boiguehenneuc (Île de Romanhe) on 3 May 2014.
  • 14 February: Mr Seħćik (FSTE) wants fixed trade tariffs within FICT.

  • 16 December: The Duchy of New Courland has announced that it will investigate the possibilities of a FICT membership.
  • 17 November: Adzhatia has won the soccer championship during the first edition of the FICT Games in Yutyrama.
  • 21 September: The ambassador of Kaupelan has taken over as Secretary General of FICT.
  • 24 June: Guelphia ratified the Treaty of Ísðor. The Lord Dequincy was appointed the first Guelphian ambassador to the Conference.
  • 22 June: The Guelphian people approved their country's accession to FICT in a referendum, enabling the king to ratify the Treaty of Ísðor.
  • 13 June: Mr Aryanto Nuhusedim has replaced Ms. Isèbel Mai Kurataata as the Kaupelanese ambassador to FICT.
  • 8 May: It was announced that a referendum will be held in Guelphia about the country's FICT membership on Saturday 22 June.
  • 4 May: the Third General Assembly of FICT took place in Ashtinok, the capital of Adzhatia. Guelphia was admitted as the eighth member of the Forum, but its membership will officially start after it has ratified the Treaty of Ísðor.
  • 2 April: The kingdom of Guelphia formally applied for membership of FICT.
  • 21 March: The ambassador of Île de Romanhe has taken over as Secretary General of FICT.
  • 19 January: A special General Assembly was held to discuss the ongoing internal conflict in Tarmorya. FICT condemned the violence and the lack of democracy in Tarmorya and proposed the Ilyaroman PM Guimarc Bonamy as mediator.

  • 23 November: Île de Romanhe ratified the Ísðor Treaty.
  • 12 October: Tarmorya ratified the Ísðor Treaty.
  • 21 September: Adzhatia ratified the Ísðor Treaty; being the fifth country to do so, the Treaty entered into force; the Adzhatian ambassador to the Conference assumed the position of first Secretary General.
  • 17 September: Yutyrama ratified the Ísðor Treaty.
  • 13 August: Kaupelan ratified the Ísðor Treaty.
  • 31 July: Yukland ratified the Ísðor Treaty.
  • 12 July: Voskia ratified the Ísðor Treaty.
  • 28 June: In the past three days, the Second Council Meeting took place in Ísðor, the capital of Yukland. During this summit, the Treaty of Ísðor was approved; it will replace the Treaty of Purikali after ratification. The memberships of Chimor, Dhram Phá, Khusqaikama and Harrawi were formally ended and Voskia and Île de Romanhe were welcomed as members.
  • 9 June: Khusqaikama has suspended its membership of FICT.
  • 21 April: The Kaupelanese ambassador has taken over the Conference chair.
  • 20 April: A group of FICT countries with more intensive ideas on cooperation announced negotiations for a new international organisation. Harrawi has put its membership on hold, calling back its ambassador.
  • 4 April: First Council meeting in Dhram Đú, the capital of Dhram Phá, during which Chimor was admitted as the ninth member state of FICT. After that, differences of opinion surfaced between several member states and the Council meeting ended without further decisions.

  • 21 October: The parliament of Khusqaikama has ratified the Purikali Treaty, becoming the sixth country to do so. The FICT treaty has now entered into force. Ms. sSiôŋ Hau, from Dhram Phá, takes over the Conference chair.
  • 1 July: Official start of FICT as geofictional project by the initial participants.
  • 25 June: Meeting of the heads of government of the future member states of FICT in Purikali, Kaupelan, for the official launch of the new organisation.