'Weapon transports to Caboteniasan Tak' (24/02/317) • ‘Parliament too weak to be a factor of importance’ (20/02/317) • Notification lost in diplomatic mail: Tak accepted as UNV member (19/02/317) • Exodus non-Tak (17/02/317) • Ex-Bowdani Institute for Carthography blunders (16/02/317) • Security Union to be founded on 3 April (01/02/317) • Tak listed as UNV member on Wikivex (21/01/317) • nSiin Tom thrown out of bar after fight (21/01/317) • Indigenous Tak alarmed by Zartanian influence in Caboteniasa (20/01/317) • Lendian novel Las Ocas Gavias translated into Tak (14/01/317) • Security Union 'can be founded this year' (11/01/317) • Tak government shocked by Portocapitalian attacks; offers help (07/01/317)

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Welcome to the website of the fictional nation of the Free States of Tak (part of the Vexillium project), a peculiar nation that seems very peaceful to the naked eye: a rather green country, with large forests and vast grasslands, picturesque villages, the occasional swamp, which are interrupted only by cities and modern infrastructure that somehow seem out of place.

The reality is that an intense struggle has been going on since the Industrial Revolution between traditional forces centred around the country's still prominent earth religion, on which the largest part of the government system is based and through which all forms of modernisation are carefully monitored and often discouraged, and movements that would like Tak to adopt a more liberal modernist policy in order to allow easier (economic) expansion.

Although Tak is not as poor or backwards as the above may suggest, change occurs only slowly due to a heavy bureaucratic system and the fact that some important decisions involv the approval of the ƿɛVɵla (Nature Priests or Druids, for lack of a better term) who are widely respected by almost every Tak citizen, but the fact that they are often living in solitude and tend to wander around a lot makes it rather difficult to contact them and before they have reached a decision about a certain subject, a long time may have passed.

Originally part of the Republic of Bowdani, Tak unilaterally declared independence in 308 AP in order to prevent itself from being taken down with the rest of the country's economic decline. Receiving international recognition took some time however and this process is still incomplete. Bowdani recognised Tak's independence in October 316, after which it dissolved and broke up in several more new countries, such as Flovaigne and the Lectern of United Kencari Peoples.

News about Tak appears in Reg ak Mɵg since September 316. An archive of older news can be found here.

 • Reg ak Mɵg 01 (September 316)
 • Reg ak Mɵg 02 (October 316)
 • Reg ak Mɵg 03 (October 316)
 • Reg ak Mɵg 04 (November 316)
 • Reg ak Mɵg 05 (December 316)
 • Reg ak Mɵg 06 (December 316)
 • Reg ak Mɵg 07 (January 317)
 • Reg ak Mɵg 08 (February 317)