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Anton Wolff (Dr. Antoninus Julius Wolff, born 16 July 1935 in Noordeinde) is a Kronenburg politician. He was minister of regional planning from 1997 to 2001 and briefly acting prime minister, after Johan Achterberg's government came to an early end in May 2001.

Wolff was born in Noordeinde, where he is still living. He studied physics at the Royal University from 1954 to 1959, getting a doctor degree in 1968. At that moment he was already an LKP member, but he didn't seek an active political career. Despite this, he became minister of regional planning in 1997, after prime minister Sander Opland Falting managed to convince him to do so with great difficulty. After his term ended, he became a member of the Noordkamer. After the 2000 elections, the LKP became an opposition party despite being the largest party in parliament, and Anton Wolff became chairman of the Noordkamer. In that capacity he became acting prime minister after the government of Johan Achterberg rendered its resignation to the king on 15 May 2001. He was succeeded as acting prime minister on 3 August of the same year by Sonja Brahms, after which he became Noordkamer chairman again until 3 February 2006.

Four City Plan
In 1998 minister Anton Wolff came with a plan to counteract the overpopulation of Alexanderstad and Friescheburg: the Four City Plan. The city of Nijenstijn is the first city that was founded as a result of this plan. Originally, the expansion of the small town of Aalburg would have followed in 2004, and in 2007 two more cities would have been founded (Fraeylemaburg, west of Waterburg, and Ennemaburg, west of Groningen), but due to the fact that only rich Kronenburgers moved to Nijenstijn and a lack of funding, the other projects were postponed. The expansion of Aalburg however seems to take place at the moment without government stimuli. In 2008 the building of Ennemaburg was started.