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Groningen is a small, somewhat dull municipality in the northern part of Kronenburg. The most important settlement is the city of the same name, which was founded in 1745 and has around 106,000 inhabitants. Elsewhere in the municipality are the villages of Piaam, Zwarte Kesp and De Laagte, as well as De Holte and Fort Gorecht, the latter two of which are located on separate islands that are part of Groningen. The municipality borders Oud-Kronenburg, Alexanderstad, Bredenburg, and Waterland and (separated by sea) Dietzland and Hinte. In 2008 the construction of a new town started, called Ennemaburg, in order to take some pressure away from the over-populated cities of Alexanderstad and Friescheburg.

The city of Groningen originally was a fortress built to defend that part of Kronenburg against U.S. attacks originating from Rhode Island. On the southern border of the city, the largest military barracks of Kronenburg are located and retail in Groningen thrives for a large part because of these. From the many warehouses on the city's quais, one has a splendid view on the woody island of De Holte, on the activities in the ferry harbours to this island as well as to the island of Fort Gorecht and the city of New Bedford in Massachusetts (U.S.), and of course on the sea. On the Laan 1871 an important monument can be found to commemmorate the soldiers that were killed in the 1871 war.

The rest of the municipality is largely covered with woods and fields, where farmers occupy themselves with agriculture and cattle-breeding.

Garijp, Haerstee and Auerhaan
Three picturesque villages that used to be part of of Waterburg, until they were transferred to Groningen in 2016. The main activity here is cattle-breeding, mostly pigs: the large fields filled with pig stables and lazy pigs can't be found anywhere else in Kronenburg. Auerhaan was the birthplace of former prime minister Ernst-Piter Strikwerda.

Mayors of Groningen

1745 - 1781
1781 - 1788
1788 - 1801
1801 - 1803
1803 - 1816
1816 - 1820
1820 - 1851
1851 - 1856
1856 - 1869
1869 - 1880
1880 - 1895

Ruurd Tadema
Wilco Boer
Edzo Talsma
Sjoerd Bottema
Nanne Dykstra
Anne Maarsingh
Dirk Alkema Heeroma
Klaas Appel
Harm-Jan Bouma
Erwin Tjepkema
Tjitte Haarsma Joustra

1895 - 1900
1900 - 1911
1911 - 1913
1913 - 1931
1931 - 1932
1932 - 1941
1941 - 1942
1942 - 1947
1947 - 1951
1951- 1956
1956 - 1970

Maarten Veenstra
Paulus Abraham
Ewout Hellema
Rick Sierks
Wouter Bunnema
Filip Abraham
Eddie Grainger
Phil Bucanan
Douwe-Jan Waltersz
Simon Leese
Ivo Abraham

1970 - 1977
1977 - 1986
1986 - 1994
1994 - 1995
1995 - 2011
2011 - 2015
2015 - 2015

Gerhard Sierks
Edwin Witteboer
Peter Buma
Sjoerd Pitstra
Rachel Heeroma van Egteren (f)
Erwin Ruwaard
Hebbe Vos