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The executive power of Kronenburg is formed by 1) the head of state, 2) the Oostkamer, consisting of the prime minister, the vice prime minister and a number of ministers that is fixed by law, and 3) a number of state secretaries that is fixed by law. Although officially part of the executive power, the king as head of state has little real political power. If one refers to the Kronenburg 'government', the combination of Oostkamer and state secretaries is most often meant.

The name 'Oostkamer' means 'East Chamber'; it is called so, because the council of ministers assembles in the eastern wing of the parliament buildings.

The Oostkamer is the Kronenburg council of ministers. Before 1883 ministers were appointed directly by the head of state, but after the forced abdication of king Alexander II in 1879, much of the political power of the king was taken away from him. From that moment on, ministers were appointed by an Advisor General, who is officially appointed by the head of state, but only after a binding advice by the Noordkamer. The king remained chairman of the council of ministers and he was allowed to vote. In 1981 he lost these privileges as well; from that year on, prime ministers became the chairmen of the Oostkamer.

Since 1883 there have been 32 Oostkamers. Until 1917 Oostkamers were appointed for seven year terms, but the term was reduced to four years. Because few parties existed at the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth centuries, majority governments were of frequent occurrence. After 1921 the number of coalition governments increased. During the entire twentieth century all Oostkamers served full terms, apart from the ones that were forced into exile by the NSPK coup d'état and the subsequent American occupation from 1938 to 1947. Apparently, the chairmanship by the king or queen was a stabilizing factor.

State secretariates
The state secretariates form a separate branch of the executive power. State secretaries are in fact governmental functionaries on a specific subject. State secretaries are normally members of the government coalition parties and they are appointed at the same time as new goverments. State secretaries cannot be dismissed by the Noordkamer, but only by the Westkamer, to which they are accountable. In 1981 the number of state secretariates was reduced from 23 to nine. In 1999 the state secretariate of AGL affairs was added to the existing ones. Since the constitution change of 2005/2006 the number of state secretariates can change with each new government; as of 2015, there are six state secretariates.

Interim governments
According to the 1981 constitution, an interim government must be formed after an Oostkamer is sacked by the Noordkamer or decides to offer its resignation to the king with immediate effect. The Oostkamer may decide to call for early elections without stepping down immediately, so in that case no interim government is formed. Interim governments are formed by the Noordkamer chairman, who becomes acting prime minister. He or she chooses as many acting ministers as he or she thinks is necessary for the interim government. The chairman of the Westkamer may also join the interim government, but that is not mandatory. In 2001 the Westkamer chairwoman Carmen Polender-Cartwright became acting minister of domestic affairs; in 2007-2008, Jan Huitsing became acting minister of social affairs. State secretaries are formally non active if there is an interim government, with exception of the state secretary of domestic security: in 2001 and 2007-2008 resp. Leendert Bachs (PSV) and Arend Postuma (PvG) stayed in function.

An interim government handles current affairs and stays on until a new normal government is formed. Interim governments are not allowed to create new policies and have limited decision power in the matter of concluding or changing international treaties.

Women ministers
Pushed by queen Marianne, political parties went looking for capable women to be given minister portfolios quite early, Anna van der Zee-Sipma (LKP) the first woman to have got such a high position in Kronenburg politics: she became education minister as early as 1895! On the other hand, suffrage got extended to women in Kronenburg quite late, which led to the peculiar situation that there were women who served as minister, but weren't entitled to vote.

Oostkamer ministers since 1883

year 1883 - 1889 1889 - 1895 1895 - 1903 1903 - 1910 1910 - 1917
government: CPK (1) CDP LKP LKP LKP
domestic affairs Hans Wubs Wubs (vc) Karst Jensen (vc) Ernst Jansen (vc) Ernst Jansen (vc) Frans Jellema (vc)
foreign affairs Dorus Fedzema Bjørn Fultsema Dirk Menkema Geart Kleinsma Geart Kleinsma
defense Anders Haisma Frederik Balstra Ger Frailema Abram Esterhuuze Piter Joustra
economic affairs Erik Sort Sytze Mestra Kees Dijkstra Leonard Pietsma Marten van Groningen
finance Benrik Alsma Bob Hemmes Albert Gaasma Han Bijlsma Tadema Han Bijlsma Tadema
justice Richard Koolen Rikke Terpstra Martinus Halsema Barend Meeden Lammert Koue
colonies Ruurd Sipma Charles de Gaaij Hoijtema Willem Enholt Willem Enholt Willem Enholt
agriculture Tjibbe Maarsingh Fedze Renstra Jan Booyink Harm Munster Harm Munster
education Jan Opma Willem Bosman Anna van der Zee-Sipma Anna van der Zee-Sipma Anna van der Zee-Sipma
social affairs Lykele Ensen Harmen Klaassen Elmer Timmer Elmer Timmer Marius van Dijk
traffic Han Deter Peter Rychter Adri Sonnema Thijmen Erasmus Willem Achterland
public health Bas Jelsma Henryk Bjornsson Akke Folsma Akke Folsma Hans Klaassen
housing Jelle Fokkema Bernd Berndsen Theüs Klaasma Lodwik Fransma Nicolaas Merren
year 1917 - 1921 1921 - 1925 1925 - 1929 1929 - 1933 1933 - 1937
government: CC CDP / CC CDP / CC LKP / SP / CFK NSPK
domestic affairs Thor van Jipsing (vc) Heleen Fransma-Witteman (CDP) Heleen Fransma-Witteman (CDP) Mark Esdoorn (LKP, vc) Reindert van Oosterbeek (vc)
foreign affairs Arnoud Epma Arnoud Epma (CC) Arnoud Epma (CC) Jan Fokkema (CFK) Jan Wubs
culture Theo Vallens Frederik Mannen (CDP) Frederik Mannen (CDP) Diderik Markxen (SP) Richard Tadema
defense Tak Meinsma Otto Hendrixen (CDP) Helger Abma (CDP) Alfons Maasma (CFK) Hans Maarsingh
economic affairs Ewout Deter Harm Likkert (CDP) Norman Nijholt (CDP) Iger Bijlsma (LKP) Ebbe Tjallingha
finance Abbe Lenstra Abbe Lenstra (CC, vc) Abbe Lenstra (CC, vc) Geert Hjansma (SP) Pieter Geertsema
justice Fokko Ysebrandt Fokko Ysebrandt (CC) Bernhard Nasse (CDP) Floris Eppega (CFK) Eduard Opland Falting
colonies under 'defense' under 'defense' under 'foreign affairs' under 'regional planning' under 'defense'
agriculture Hans Blyham David Martensen (CC) David Martensen (CC) Lendert Talsma (LKP) Han Dekker
education Thomas Eppenga Kirsten Takker-Hermsma (CDP) Reindert Jansen (CC) Markus Blaaw (LKP) Marten Epsma
regional planning Alexander Popma Abraham Haak (CC) Abraham Haak (CC) Willem Brogman Wess (LKP) Fol Willemsen
social affairs Aart Vierhuzen Rasmus Svensson (CDP) Thorjan Kostrikken (CDP) Han Willemsma (CFK) Linnert Abma
traffic Mark Terpstra Thimme Simonsma (CDP) Thimme Simonsma (CDP) Jan Willem Brugman (LKP) Okke Feenstra
public health Nard Okkema Nard Okkema (CC) Janneke Geertsema-de Wit (CC) Marga Uppert-Maarsing (CFK) Ab Mensma
housing Sipke Pitersma Rikart Frensma (CDP) Gera de Man-Erasmus (CDP) Manne Raustra (LKP) Bart Ruilma
year 1937 - 1938 1938 - 1947 Oostkamer in exile 1947 - 1949 1949 - 1953 1953 - 1957
government: LKP / SP / CFK LKP / CGU / CFK LKP / SP / CGU LKP / CGU LKP / CGU
domestic affairs Theodor Ekkert (CFK) Theodor Ekker (CFK) Hendrik de Boer (CGU, vc) Hendrik de Boer (CGU, vc) Fetze Diemert (LKP)
foreign affairs Emma Wynolt-Jansma (LKP, vc) Emma Wynolt-Jansma (LKP, vc) Fred Bielsma (LKP) Fred Bielsma (LKP) Johan Buus (CGU)
culture Jacob Selnen (LKP) Jacob Selnen (LKP) Gerhard Tasman (CGU) Eduard Homkes (LKP) Eduard Homkes (LKP)
defense Mark Opland (SP) Herman Fraustra (CGU) Maarten Veeman (CGU) Leo Aartsen (LKP) Dora van der Velde (LKP)
economic affairs Iger Bijlsma (LKP) Iger Bijlsma (LKP) Fetze Diemert (LKP) Bart Boschman (CGU) Hans Kamminga (CGU)
finance Frans Deenen (CFK) Frans Deenen (CFK) Egbert Scheper (LKP) Egbert Scheper (LKP) Egbert Scheper (LKP)
justice Amalia Loohus (SP) Gerard Emmen (CGU) Marius Talsma (SP) Frans Mauma (CGU) Ingrid Alma-Wubs (CGU, vc)
colonies under 'agriculture' under 'agriculture' under 'defense' not mentioned not mentioned
agriculture Willem Adelhyd (LKP) Willem Adelhyd (LKP) Rick Opland (LKP) Rick Opland (LKP) David Ekkert (LKP)
education Rein Makma (SP) Dirk Erikson (CGU) Janneke Bultena-Ame (LKP) Ria Wubs-Geeren (CGU) Ria Wubs-Geeren (CGU)
regional planning Irene Wubs-Fultsema (CFK) Irene Wubs-Fultsema (CFK) Hans Kampen (CGU) Hans Kampen (CGU) Ben Frama (CGU)
social affairs Ton Epma (SP) Hendrik Vays (CGU) Ton Epma (SP) Ina Hann-Wolfs (CGU) Ina Hann-Wolfs (CGU)
traffic Hanna Looman-van der Veen (LKP) Hanna Looman-van der Veen (LKP) Hanna Looman-van der Veen (LKP) Hanna Looman-van der Veen (LKP) Karel Jaltinga (LKP)
public health Jan Tutma (CFK) Jan Tutma (CFK) Otto Tadema (SP) Stefan Lohus (CGU) Tinus Føre (LKP)
housing Christian Tadens (CFK) Christian Tadens (CFK) Peter Jansma (LKP) Peter Jansma (LKP) Henk Nijboer (CGU)
year 1957 - 1961 1961 - 1965 1965 - 1969 1969 - 1973 1973 - 1977
government: LKP / CGU LKP / CFK CFK CGU CGU
domestic affairs Fetze Diemert (LKP, vc) Fetze Diemert (LKP, vc) Max Fultsema (vc) Henk Nijboer (vc) Henk Nijboer (vc)
foreign affairs Hans Kamminga (CGU) Albert Veen (CFK) Karl Brahms Ingrid Alma-Wubs Ingrid Alma-Wubs
culture Eduard Homkes (LKP) Ger Bunnema (LKP) Jan Busch Arnold Filidór Arnold Filidór
defense Dora van der Velde (LKP) Dora van der Velde (LKP) Eline Timmer-Barma Leon van Zomeren Jakoubs Preker
economic affairs Floris Menkema (CGU) Karel Veenman (CFK) Marcus Albeda Sipke Joustra Ole Diekstra
finance Frans Ploger (LKP) Simon Brugman (CFK) Simon Brugman Albert Wybenga Niels Ebbega
justice Ben Dankert (CGU) Bjørn Rekker (LKP) Frits Biwenga Nadine Købenby Nadine Købenby
agriculture Erik Joken (LKP) Lucas Waale (CFK) Sjoukje Hermans-Alma Theo Vissker Piet Boerma
education Richard Pijlman (LKP) Richard Pijlman (LKP) Christiaan Holboe Kor Nømann Christine Alma
regional planning Willem Nyhus (CGU) Theüs Jaltada (CFK) Theüs Jaltada Lidy Bressas-Tadema Wouter Achterkamp
social affairs Ellerd Voman (CGU) Max Fultsema (CFK) Tjarda Mulder Hanns Johansson Nicolaas Bijlsma Tadema
traffic Toon Fossema (CGU) Thorsten Ditmar (LKP) Thijmen Abma Toon Fossema Victor Koops
public health Tnus Føre (LKP) Tinus Føre (LKP) Karel Doman Ubele Tamminga Douwe Diestra
housing Henk Nijboer (CGU) Karin Neman-Nijholt (CFK) Karin Neman-Nijholt Jelle Nielssen Jelle Nielssen
year 1977 - 1981 1981 - 1985 1985 - 1989 1989 - 1993 1993 - 1997
government: CGU CGU CGU / LKP LKP / PSV LKP / PSV
prime minister - Nicolaas Veldtman Nicolaas Veldtman (CGU) Sander Opland Falting (LKP) Sander Opland Falting (LKP)
vice pm - Greet de Boer-Lansink Willem Bunnema (LKP) Marjan Bijlsma (PSV) Marjan Anners-Bijlsma (PSV)
domestic affairs Jan Bottema Rients Feenstra Willem Bunnema (LKP) Willem Bunnema (LKP) Willem Bunnema (LKP)
foreign affairs Ingrid Alma-Wubs Egbert Koopman Egbert Koopman (CGU) Johan Achterberg (PSV) Johan Achterberg (PSV)
culture Harm Tjallinga Jelle Bouma Petra van Lisse-op het Veld (LKP) Petra van Lisse-op het Veld (LKP) Erik-Jan Leewisse (PSV)
defense Edze Joustra Alexander Huisinga Alexander Huisinga (CGU) David Eriksson (LKP) David Eriksson (LKP)
economic affairs Johannes Abma Leonard Visscher Michael Leese (CGU) Marjan Bijlsma (PSV) Marjan Anners-Bijlsma (PSV)
finance Anton van Oosterbeek Greet de Boer-Lansink 1. Hans de Winkel (LKP) until '88
2. Sander Opland Falting (LKP)
Steven de Loy (LKP) Steven de Loy (LKP)
justice Nadine Købenby Reindert de Man Reindert de Man (CGU) Johanneke van der Schueren-Konink (LKP) Johanneke van der Schueren-Konink (LKP)
agriculture Renze Hansema Lidewij Scheepstra-van der Veen Anna de Ruyter (LKP) Frederik Sibranda (PSV) Erica Jensen-de Vries (PSV)
education Wim Konings Bart Vriesekoop Peter Geertsema (CGU) Martin Staal (PSV) Petra van Lisse-op het Veld (LKP)
3rd world dvlp. - Johan Fultsema Frans Munster (CGU) Patrick Reiger (PSV) Patrick Reiger (PSV)
regional planning Jibbe van der Veen Brigitte Nijholt-Cazemier Rients Feenstra (CGU) Roeland Buttjes (PSV) Roeland Buttjes (PSV)
social affairs Jelle Nielssen Ernst de Haan Sonja Brahms (LKP) Sonja Brahms (LKP) Sonja Brahms (LKP)
traffic Olaf Svensen de Boer Daniël Sanders Jan Vierhout (LKP) Jan Vierhout (LKP) Jan Vierhout (LKP)
public health Steven van Rading Peter Geertsema Erik de Bruin (CGU) Mirjam van der Waal-Engberts (PSV) Mirjam van der Waal-Engberts (PSV)
housing Hendrik Brogman Wess, vc Margrietha Wubs-Ekkert Margrietha Wubs-Ekkert (CGU) Bert Hoogenboom (LP) Bert Hoogenboom (LKP)
year 1997 - 2001 2001 2001 (interim) 2001 - (2004 -) 2006
government: LKP / PSV PSV / PvG / DPG - LKP / PvG / DPG LKP / PvG
prime minister Sander Opland Falting (LKP) Johan Achterberg (PSV) Anton Wolff (LKP) Sonja Brahms (LKP) Sonja Brahms (LKP)
vice pm Johan Achterberg (PSV) Bas de Ruijter (PvG) - 1. Eric Simons (DPG) until '02
2. Mery Wubs-van den Akker
2. (DPG)
Lex Filidór (PvG)
domestic affairs Kim Biesveld (LKP) Bas de Ruijter (PvG) Carmen Polender-Cartwright (DPG) Lenie Joustra-Selles (PvG) Lenie Joustra-Selles (PvG)
foreign affairs Johan Achterberg (PSV) Caroline Bjornsson-Heeroma van Egteren (DPG) Caroline Bjornsson-Heeroma van Egteren (DPG) Caroline Bjornsson-Heeroma van
1. Egteren (DPG)
Poul-Helge Espersen (LKP)
culture 1. Erik-Jan Leewisse (PSV) tot '00
2. Marga Kysbay (PSV)
Marga Kysbay (PSV) - 1. Anders Fossema (PvG) tot '04
2. Annie Potze (PvG)
Annie Potze (PvG)
defense David Eriksson (LKP) Lex Filidór (PvG) - Lex Filidór (PvG) Lex Filidór (PvG)
economic affairs Maarten Houtman (LKP) Nynke Esterhuuze (PSV) Maarten Houtman (LKP) Sveinbjörn Ólafsson (LKP) Sveinbjörn Ólafsson (LKP)
finance Tonny Bauknegt-Rietman (LKP) Albert Steen (PvG) Tonny Bauknegt-Rietman (LKP) Derk Buisma (LKP) Derk Buisma (LKP)
justice Willem Albers (LKP) Bram van der Vught (DPG) Fokko Korte van Eeghen (LKP) Its Talsma Tjallinga (LKP) Its Talsma Tjallinga (LKP)
agriculture Erica Jensen-de Vries (PSV) Erica Jensen-de Vries (PSV) - Jannes Heere (PvG) Jannes Heere (PvG)
education Dineke Blaauw-de Rooy (PSV) Lammy Korte-Alkema (PvG) - Lammy Korte-Alkema (PvG) Lammy Korte-Alkema (PvG)
3rd world dvlp. Patrick Reiger (PSV) Fons Menkema (PvG) - Kees Warntjes (LKP) Kees Warntjes (LKP)
regional planning Anton Wolff (LKP) Eric Simons (DPG) - 1. Eric Simons (DPG) until '02
Mery Wubs-van den Akker (DPG)
1. acting until early '03
2. Hein Swabedissen (DPG)
Ed Aarts (PvG)
social affairs Sonja Brahms (LKP) Frans Huissen (PSV) Gradus Meinsma (CFK) Elsbeth Dankert (PvG) Elsbeth Dankert (PvG)
traffic Josef Witteman (PSV) Karst van Groningen (PSV) - Richard Bijlsma Tadema (LKP) Richard Bijlsma Tadema (LKP)
public health Martin Getera (PSV) Mery Wubs-van den Akker (DPG) - Mery Wubs-van den Akker (DPG) Wilco Boer (LKP)
housing Carina de Laat (LKP) Jaap Dou (PSV) - Hajo Prins (PvG) Hajo Prins (PvG)
year 2006 - 2007 2007 - 2008 (interim) 2008 - 2011 2011 - 2015 2015 - present
government: LKP / PvG / NCD - PSV / PvG / PU PvG / ROOS! PvG / ROOS!
prime minister Sonja Brahms (LKP) Annemarie Torringa-Haraldson (LKP) Ernst-Piter Strikwerda (PSV) Hans Dankert (PvG) Hans Dankert (PvG)
vice pm Lex Filidór (PvG) - Wouter Hamersma (PvG) 1. Sigurd Jörgensen (ROOS!)
until '12
2. Hein Swabedissen (ROOS!)
Geraldine Németh (ROOS!)
domestic affairs Sjoerd Tissingh (NCD) Ernst-Piter Strikwerda (PSV) Marchien Hoeksema-Kop (PvG) Wojciech Jędrzejewicz (ROOS!) Bernadette Holttorp-McKiernan
foreign affairs Hans Maarsingh (PvG) Annemarie Torringa-Haraldson (LKP) Carl August Zahle (PU) 1. Sigurd Jörgensen (ROOS!)
1. until '12
2. Mathias Schydtz (ROOS!)
Mathias Schydtz (ROOS!)
culture Wim Bottema (LKP) - Elsbeth Vliering (PSV) Baltus Kostrikken (PvG) see: education
defense Lex Filidór (PvG) - Guido Knijn (PSV) Evelien Popma de Burch (PvG) Evelien Popma de Burch (PvG)
economic affairs Henk-Jan de Wilde (NCD) Harma van der Aa-Roorda (PvG) Astrid Kleefman-Ubbega (PSV) Thomas Bouma (PvG) 1. Thomas Bouma (PvG) until '18
2. Johannes Oberlinga (PvG)
energy Bert van der Kamp (PvG) - Erwin Ruwaard (PSV) Saskia Albeda-Hann (ROOS!) see: agriculture
finance Tom Nilsson (LKP) Bert van der Kamp (PvG) 1. Bert van der Kamp (PvG) until '08
2. David Axelrod (PvG) until '08
3. Etto Reer (PvG/indep.)
Etto Reer (PvG/indep.) Geraldine Németh (ROOS!)
justice Esther Tebbens-Fransuma (PvG) Klaas Heinrichs (NCD) Maria Bijleveld (PSV) Jan Føre (PvG) 1. Jan Føre (PvG) until '16
2. Carola Wubs-Pasma (PvG)
agriculture Peter Christiansen (LKP) - Esther Tebbens-Fransuma (PvG) Esther Tebbens-Fransuma (PvG) Robert Jaarsma (ROOS!)
education Saskia Imminga-Abee (PvG) - Douwe-Jan Kornelius (PU) Klaas Bijleveldt (ROOS!) Klaas Bijleveldt (ROOS!)
3rd world dvlp. Ed Aarts (PvG) - Saskia Imminga-Abee (PvG) Frans Toppinga (PvG) see: foreign affairs
regional planning Sjoerd Mulder (LKP) - Erna Meesters (PvG) Hein Swabedissen (ROOS!) see: traffic
social affairs Marianne Fraeijlema (LKP) Jan Huitsing (indep.) Lidewijde de Wit (PSV) Durk Hansen (ROOS!) Chantal Ulgersma (PvG)
traffic Henk-Jan de Winter (PvG) - Wouter Hamersma (PvG) Wouter Hamersma (PvG) Baltus Kostrikken (PvG)
public health Ineke Puister (LKP) - Henk-Jan de Winter (PvG) Frederike Ruys-Rychter (PvG) Durk Hansen (ROOS!)
housing Joop Munnik (NCD) - 1. Egbert Pruiksma (PSV) until '10
2. Emma Koops-Hubertus Menkema
2. (PSV)
Carla Merren (ROOS!) Annelies Barma-Talens (PvG)

State secretaries since 1981

year 1981 - 1985 1985 - 1989 1989 - 1993 1993 - 1997 1997 - 2001
government: CGU CGU / LKP LKP / PSV LKP / PSV LKP / PSV
AGL affairs - - - - Thorsten Aabenraa (LKP) from '99
OAS affairs Frans Munster David Eriksson (LKP) Albert Kissinger (LKP) Albert Kissinger (LKP) Albert Kissinger (LKP)
BECS (FECC) Michael Leese Steven de Loy (LKP) Chris Bylsma (LKP) Chris Bylsma (LKP) Nynke Esterhuuze (PSV)
domestic security Gerarda Niewold Gerarda Nieuwold (CGU) Jan Bottema Tadema (PSV) Diderik van Rading (PSV) Leendert Bachs (PSV)
communication Derk Molenaer Derk Molenaer (CGU) Darius Veenstra (PSV) Darius Veenstra (PSV) Richard Bijlsma Tadema (LKP)
CSH (CVA) Lidy Broens Hein Borst (CGU) Karel Klein Wissink (PSV) Frans Huissen (PSV) Frans Huissen (PSV)
LSO (PSE) Hans Nyhoff Victor Bunnema (LKP) Hans Kesters (LKP) Jan Boonman (PSV) Peter Christiansen (LKP)
OSP (ESP) Pieter Geertsema Jelle Bouma (CGU) Teunis Bekman (PSV) Lydia Groenewold (LKP) Lydia Groenewold (LKP)
UOW (UES) Erik Reuland Martin Staal (LKP) Dineke Blaauw-de Rooy (PSV) Dineke Blaauw-de Rooy (PSV) Fokko Korte van Eeghen (LKP)
employment Erik de Bruin Jaap Tadema (CGU) Claudia Solms-de Boer (PSV) Claudia Solms-de Boer (PSV) Claudia Solms-de Boer (PSV)
year 2001 2001 - 2006 2006 - 2007 2008 - 2011 2011 - 2015
government: PSV / PvG / DPG LKP / PvG / DPG (DPG until '04) LKP / PvG / NCD PSV / PvG / PU PvG / ROOS!
AGL affairs Hans Maarsingh (PvG) 1. Thorsten Aabenraa (LKP)
1. until '03
2. Geert van Suchtelen (LKP)
Geert van Suchtelen (LKP) Jolanda Keimpema-Keizer (PvG) Jolanda Keimpema-Keizer (PvG)
OAS affairs Claudia Solms-de Boer (PSV) Hans Maarsingh (PvG) Joost Soer (NCD) 1. Christian Jevsen (PSV) until '08
2. Claudia Solms-de Boer (PSV)
Barbara Taffijn-Åsby (ROOS!)
BECS (FECC) Nanne Bottema (PvG) 1. Kees Brandtsma (DPG) until '04
2. Harma van der Aa-Roorda (PvG)
Harma van der Aa-Roorda (PvG) 1. Harma van der Aa-Roorda (PvG)
1. until '08
2. Thomas Bouma (PvG)
Max Bos (PvG)
state reform - - - - Bjorn de Gaaij Hoijtema (PvG)
domestic security Leendert Bachs (PSV) Tom Nilsson (LKP) Arend Postuma (PvG) Arnold Sürwold (PU) Arnout Carstens (PvG)
communication Dethmer Fopma (DPG) Leo Eikelboom (PvG) Henriëtte Reininga-Bakema Peetsma (NCD) Agnete Steen-Arnth (PU) Ype Willemsen (ROOS!)
CSH (CVA) Viola Bruggink (PvG) 1. Geertje Bauerstein-Godeken
1. (DPG) until '04
2. Klaas Boersma (LKP)
Jacob Timmer (PvG) Jacob Timmer (PvG) Jarno Trenning (ROOS!)
equal rights - - Hanna Kooistra Datema (LKP) Diderik Middelkamp (PU) Emma Tjallingha-Vikkens (ROOS!)
immigration - - Koos Bakker (NCD) Arend Postuma (PvG) Otto Haak (PvG)
LSO (PSE) Erik Andersen (PSV) Peter Christiansen (LKP) Hein Post (NCD) Stef van Minnen (PSV) Wilco van Dishoeck (ROOS!)
OSP (ESP) Marloes Vredeveld-Bangen (DPG) 1. Marloes Vredeveld-Bangen
1. (DPG) until '04
2. Henk-Jan de Winter (PvG)
- - -
tourism - - Gerben Zijlstra (LKP) Anja Kooistra-Hansen (PSV) Robert Jaarsma (ROOS!)
UOW (UES) Mark de Wilde (DPG) 1. Mark de Wilde (DPG) until '04
2. Peter Christiansen (LKP)
Onno van Wijk (PvG) Onno van Wijk (PvG) Ingrid Aarnouts-Købenby (PvG)
employment Gerarda Koopman-Gaastra (DPG) Marianne Fraeijlema (LKP) Henk Smidt Benedick (LKP) Ruurd Elema (PU) Chantal Ulgersma (PvG)
year 2015 - present 2001 - 2006 2006 - 2007 2008 - 2011 2011 - present
government: PvG / ROOS! LKP / PvG / DPG (DPG until '04) LKP / PvG / NCD PSV / PvG / PU PvG / ROOS!
BECS (FECC) Jolanda Keimpema-Keizer (PvG) s s s s
IBVI (IDSI) Arnout Carstens (PvG) s s s s
CTSMC Myrna Cozzens-Abinga (ROOS!) s s s s
CSH (CVA) Jarno Trenning (ROOS!) s s s s
Chance/Devlpm. Emma Tjallingha-Vikkens (ROOS!) s s s s
Innov./Science Olaf Quaade (PvG) s s s s