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Friescheburg is the second largest municipality of Kronenburg. It s a well known city in AGL circles: in 1999 the city was Cultural Capital of the AGL and in 2003 the AGL Games were organised there. Although originally part of the municipality of Westerland (of which it was the capital city), it was separated from the latter to form a municipality of its own in 2016. Other neighbouring municipalities are Jaltadaburg and Hinte.

Friescheburg is one of the first settlements founded at the beginning of the seventeenth century in the area that is now known as Kronenburg. In 1627 the Republic of New Frisia was founded and Friescheburg became the capital. It was the first official city in the area, appointed so by stadtholder Johannes Pietersma. Seventeen years later however, the Republic came to an end and after the Kingdom of Kronenburg was proclaimed in 1649, the residence was moved to Kronenburg-City. In 1872, after the destruction of that city, it was considered to move the residence back to Friescheburg, but Alexanderstad was chosen instead.

The most famous attraction of Friescheburg is the Arena, a large cupola covered square that was finalised in 1999. Originally the Arena was a large pond from which the water was removed in 1823. The bottom of the pond lay of course much lower than the surrounding areas, and the present square is therefore on the same level as the city's main railway- and underground station. A complex system of escalators transports travellers and other people to the many floors of the surrounding buildings. In 2009 and 2010 the natural light that shines to the glass cupola was somewhat dimmed; due to the economic crisis, the city council apparently cut down on window-cleaners.

Other places in the city you mustn't skip when you are there, are the building of the States General, the former parliament of the Republic of New Frisia; the Mouseion, a theater and concert hall that was built in 1997, and also the city hall of Westerland, built in 1712. It is one of Kronenburg's most important pieces of architecture: especially the Willem III-Hall is worth visiting. This hall was completely restored in its original style in 1992; just after WOII the hall was refurbished in a weird post-war style that many considered very ugly. The House of Finance ('Huis van Financiën', head office of the Kronenburgish Audit Office) is one of the most beautiful buildings in the country and the Stock Exchange at the J. Fossema Jaltada-Allée, too, is generally lauded for its beauty.

Mayors of Friescheburg (the city was founded in 1609, but before 2016 it was part of the Westerland municipality)

2016 - 2016

Wojciech Jędrzejewicz