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Hans Dankert (Dr. Johannes Ferdinand Timon Dankert, born 8 March 1970 in Fort Gorecht) is the sixth and current prime minister of Kronenburg. He is leading a government coalition of PvG and ROOS!. He was appointed Advisor General on 4 April 2011 and the new government was installed one month later, on 4 May. Mr. Dankert is the first prime minister that is a PvG member. Also, he is the youngest prime minister in Kronenburg history at the beginning of his first term.

Hans Dankert studied economy at the Royal University of Alexanderstad. He became somewhat famous in the autumn of 2010 with his dissertation 'Fašades', in which he gives a critical analysis of the post-WOII economical culture in Kronenburg. Among Kronenburg economists this work is already considered to be a very important work in this specialism.

Dankert was also noticed at an organisational level, most importantly within his own party, the PvG, as chairman of the junior department. Hans Dankert wasn't on the candidate list for the Noordkamer, but after other parties hinted that they didn't want to talk with the leader of the PvG, Ewald de Haan de Cronenburg, due to his controversial remarks regarding other politicians as well as friendly countries during the election campaign, the king appointed Hans Dankert instead.

Hans Dankert married Annelies Horst Hopma in 2004; they have one son.