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The Adzhatian State is a country in northern Europe, near Russia and Norway. Adzhatia is a member of the Exumbran Convention and FICT.

Official name: Аџач Валтеціʀ / Adźać Valteciŕ ('Adzhatian State')
Population: 683,580 (1-1-2014)
Population density: 8.81 inh./km2
Aśtinok (Ashtinok)
Languages: Adzhatic (official), Russian, and Finn-Ugric dialects (unofficial)
Form of government: parliamentary republic
Head of state: president
Kataŕine Matuś-Ħememiemei (since 11 October 2014)
Head of government: prime minister
Eigĕń Hameen (since 30 December 2011)
Website: www.dulminis.nl/adzhatia
Geopoeia: www.geopoeia.net/wiki/Adzhatia

Kronenburg representation in Adzhatia:

Adzhatian representation in Kronenburg: