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The Advisor General ('Adviseur Generaal' in Dutch) is a political office in Kronenburg. The office came into existance as a result of the constitution change of 1981. After each parliamentary election the king appoints an Advisor General. This person is charged with informing among the political parties which coalition government(s) are possible and desirable. When he or she has found parties that are willing to form a government and have a majority in the Noordkamer (and preferably also in the Zuidkamer), he or she may proceed with the formation of this government.

If an Advisor General isn't succesful, he or she can return to the king, who then appoints someone else. Since elections normally take place on the last Wednesday of October and a new government is usually sworn in on the next first Friday of February (Promulgation Day), (an) Advisor(s) General has/have three months to complete his/her/their task.

The Advisor General doesn't have to be the leader of the largest party after the elections. According to the constitution, the king may appoint anyone whom he considers fit for the job. Also, the Advisor General doesn't have to become prime minister in the new government he or she has formed, although this has always been the case since 1981.