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The kingdom of Kronenburg is a ficticious country. That means that it doesn't exist for real, apart from on this website and in my own documentation. It is part of a hobby called geofiction: creating countries, islands, cities, people or even entire planets and everything that comes with it (languages, culture, economy, politics, music, etc. depending on the interests of the creator). Although some people create their countries etc. to be god or king of it, for me the main purpose is to create a realistic country on earth and see what effects the events on that earth have on the development of my country. So although the larger part of Kronenburg is created by myself, I have built in the possibility that external influences can put things in quite another direction than I planned it at first.

Kronenburg saw the light in 1997. At first I created only half of it, but I quickly added some extra islands, and after a few years I also "annexed" the islands of Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard (see below). The in 2011 fourteen years of existance of Kronenburg also saw some changes in the country's history and it's unofficial language, Kronenburgish: it's current version is the third, so the language written in the map below, doesn't exist anymore. I haven't made up every detail of the country yet, so the entity of Kronenburg is likely to expand, but rather than change data that are now more or less fixed, I will make up hopefully plausible explanations for them, if I discover that some of those data are actually wrong or less ideal.

a first scetch of Kronenburg (1997)

For quite a few years I believed that the country had turned out to be a boring country, looking a lot like 'average' western countries, such as you find them in Western Europe or North America. 2006 however was a bit of a turning point: in that year the first edition of the Kronenburger Bode came out (at least the foreign edition, which I use to keep interested people informed), which contained more interior and less 'important' news items, such as controversial millionaires, strikes, sudoku championships, sport events, etc. In 2010, the creation of a wiki website containing data of several other ficticious countries as well caused a sudden increase in facts that I hadn't made up yet, such as the judical system and the organisation of the several religious that are professed in Kronenburg. Although I like this wiki to some extent, I don't like the fact that in theory everyone can change the content quite easily; that's why there is this website.

Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard
The presence of Kronenburg close to the US coast will have caused some changes to the US as well (at least in the reality in which Kronenburg exists). E.g.: I don't know if the nick name 'Ocean State' for Rhode Island remains a suitable one in the Kronenburgish reality. Also, in the history of colonisation of North America, the islands which are part of the USA and called Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard in normal reality, are part of Kronenburg and called Koningin Marie-Louiseland resp. Koningin Annaland in Kronenburg's reality, both part of the municipality of Dietzland. People who are currently living on one of those islands: be assured, I didn't conquer you! I am however curious how the personal history of those people and their families would have been if Kronenburg had existed.

Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard are the only islands of Kronenburg (including the overseas ones) that I borrowed from an existing country; the rest is completely ficticious.