Institute for Central Smalik Affairs
Institut Gontsasmalikassedaron Ubwguron • Oanstatut i Nees Em-Smeoc nsoa • Dillouh Sis-Smaliha Cowdee • Institut Er'em Smaliq'enge Uq • Diollauh Caudu ha Sios-Smalih ha
Institut Nŏt i Sit-Smalig sa • Dhiyågh Theƨ i Ƨiƨ-Smalik sa • Rik Hə ti ƿɛPəə kə Em Hək Slt • Honelisoilikensaróíseinstitut • B́astriabi Codi a Sies-Peist a

Tak Prime Minister Fəs ob Sin dies in car crash (7/8/323) • Apthuwkist monks elect Sewtsats VII as the new Carabine (14/5/323) • Sarigis security troops take control of Lectern (29/12/322) • Heir to former Culpepper business imperium to marry Queen of Ansonia (1/11/322) • Qur ob Mɛɛk reelected as Secretary General of STOIC (25/8/322) • June elections see changes in Coare, continuation in Nucani (15/6/322) • New Apthuwkist Carabine will be Thuabak III (15/5/322) • Progress Party four seats short of majority in first ever legislative elections in Black Bowdani (23/4/322) • After stalemate of 17 months: Council of Bishops of Orthodox Church of Bowdani elects new Patriarch (4/2/322) • Tak to increase navy patrols in Tenia Strait after provocations by West-Uhlan (27/1/322) • Black Bowdani to hold elections in April (27/1/322) • STOIC member states to merge foreign representation (26/1/322) • Tak parliamentarians demand international investigation into crimes against Novoyoakes population (17/1/322) • Apthuwkists elect Carabine 321-322 (23/5/321) • nɛKɛl Ltens winner of parliamentary elections Tak (15/2/321) • Nucani Princess Iwienis to marry Black Bowdani economist Cpt Lesley Winsleigh Woke (6/11/320) • Three Cities and the Cove, and Kencari accepted as members of STOIC (15/9/320) • Council of Bishops dismisses Patriarch Kevin as primate of the Orthodox Church of Bowdani (26/8/320) • STOIC extends formal invitation to Kencari, Nucani, and the Three Cities and the Cove to join (12/3/320) • Kencari government confirmed after country's first elections (6/3/320) • High speed rail between Coarnigg and Lpmbriguary to be funded by TD Corp (15/2/320)

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The Institute for Central Smalik Affairs (ICSA), founded in 302 AP as the Bowdani Institute for National Affairs, is a socio-cultural organisation that also operates as a think tank and diplomatic academy, and aims to enhance national and international relations, notably those between the successor states of the Republic of Bowdani. After the latter's dissolution in 316, its current name was adopted. All successor states of Bowdani, except Flovaigne, participate in ICSA.

History overview 301-316
After president Urban was deposed, sir David Leah assumed the presidency of Bowdani, but despite the hopeful ending of the history below, Bowdani didn't manage to regain its former glory. Internal problems with the many indigenous peoples, most notably the Flovaignians and the Tak, continued to create unrest. In 305 and 306 a first attempt was made by the Flovaignians and Tak to gain more autonomy (although even more autonomy for the Tak would effectively mean independence for them), but discussions failed and the situation remained as it was. While the Flovaignians continued however to seek a diplomatic solution, Tak decided in 308 to unilaterally declare independence from Bowdani, which wasn't recognised by the Bowdani government in Sky City. The Bowdani government wasn't powerful enough to take back control of the entire country, and troubles and protests continued to take place, until president Leah's famous speach in early 316 in which he announced his resignation and called for the dissolution of the republic. Sir Leah was succeeded by an interim president, Duncan Fairweather. After numerous talks, the dissolution was planned to take effect on 16 October 316: apart from Flovaigne, the smaller nations of Coare, Bëltse, Vaara, and Gen also became independent, while the independence of Tak was formally recognised by Bowdani; Bowdani's last president's final act.