Here will be listed a summary of events as they unfold from 316 AP on.
Bowdani between 301 and 316

After president Urban was deposed, sir David Leah assumed the presidency of Bowdani, but despite the hopeful ending of the history below, Bowdani didn't manage to regain its former glory. Internal problems with the many indigenous peoples, most notably the Flovaignians and the Tak, continued to create unrest. In 305 and 306 a first attempt was made by the Flovaignians and Tak to gain more autonomy (although even more autonomy for the Tak would effectively mean independence for them), but discussions failed and the situation remained as it was. While the Flovaignians continued however to seek a diplomatic solution, Tak decided in 308 to unilaterally declare independence from Bowdani, which wasn't recognised by the Bowdani government in Sky City. The Bowdani government wasn't powerful enough to take back control of the entire country, and troubles and protests continued to take place, until president Leah's famous speach in early 316 in which he announced his resignation and called for the dissolution of the republic. Sir Leah was succeeded by an interim president, Duncan Fairweather. After numerous talks, the dissolution was planned to take effect on 16 October 316: apart from Flovaigne, the smaller nations of Coare, Bėltse, Vaara, and Gen also became independent, while the independence of Tak was formally recognised by Bowdani; Bowdani's last president's final act.

History of Bowdani until the events in 316 AP
The original brief history of Bowdani can also be found on the website of Bowdani.
Before Plague

2000 BC: First Evidence of People
The rule of a strong tribe known as the Kencari begins. They build some roads and cities amung the shores of the ocean and in the mountains. Within 10 years they controled about a quarter of present day Bowdani.

1617 BC: Council of Tribes
The Kencari's empire stretched from the Dark Sea to the mountains in the west. Some of the smaller tribes were beginning to grow restless and ungrateful on the Kencari rule. The Kencari Chief, being the wise person he was, formed a council of tribes to help govern the empire.

1400 BC: Smallwick Settled
Travelers from a neighboring land mass settled on the Island of Smallwick in search of more fertile farming and hunting. Smallwick, being previously occupied by small tribes according to current fossil finds, was a perfect environment to live in. It combines the summers of tropic regions with the winters of polar regions. The vast amounts of rain gave way to very fertile plains and perfect grazing areas. Called Bowdestra which in the native language means "place of tribes".

1200 BC: Interior of Bowdani Explored
People began to explore the interior of the island after coastal lands began to become over crowded. Few came back and those that did spoke of fire, strange creatures and cannibals.

765 BC: First Tribal War
The two largest tribes occuping the island of Smallwick, the Kencari and the Reameurs, fought for lands in the south of Smallwick. (Davenport has roots in the Reameur Tribe) No one won because winter set in people were occuping themselves with keeping warm and alive. Eventually the boundary was set close to the present day boundary of Bowdani and Davenport.

643 BC: Second Tribal War
Once again the Kencari decided to take over a neighboring tribe, the Bullocks. The Bullocks were defeated due the to treachery of their chief. The Chief of the Bullocks made a pact with the Kencari in order live. He was killed months later by his own tribesmen.

325 BC Major Earthquake hits Smallwick
One of the most violent earthquakes in history is caused when a fault line on the Eastern edge of Smallwick collapses, fusing together the tectonic plate that Smallwick is on with a very small plate about the size of modern day Christiana. The collision caused the collapse of an underground river and the creation of Pearyt Lake. The river to the north of Pearyt Lake was also created. Even in modern days this river is far too shallow and rough to allow anything larger than a white water raft to navigate it.

2 BC: Plague Begins on Vexillium
A small out break of the plague begins in Vexillium. It spreads like fire and in 5 years millions are killed. The tribes in the interior and those that had limited contact with the settlers survive. The plague kills a good portion of those in the prison colony and Bowdestra.

After Plague

1 AD: First Prisoners and Refugees Arrive 
From across the sea ships of refugees and prisoners began arriving. Many were escaping war and famine. Others were send there for crimes. The Kencari, being the ruling tribe, began to interact and intermary with the strangers.

145 AD: The Tribal Council is Overthrown
As more and more people began to arrive on Smallwick the Tribal Council could no longer sit back and let the strangers take over the land. A war broke out and the tribes were defeated. Those in the Reameur tribe were the first to make a pact with the strangers. They secured the southern part of Smallwick but they were double crossed and were eventually defeated. The government set up by the settlers became the rule of the land.

235 AD: Capitol Moves to Sky City
Exploration of the western coast found many little bays and harbors. One large harbor was the place of the city called Himmelstadt, translated literaly as Sky City. This was to be the new Capitol. The common name was retained for ease of speaking. This was also the time that the name Bowdani was coined. It means in the native language "nation of many".

280 AD: Period of Darkness
An organization called WAR of the Warriors of the August Reveloution staged a coup on the government. It worked and they took over the nation. It was short lived.

282 AD: WAR falls
Without the army behind them, WAR is taken down in order to restore the previous government. The formation of the army also gave way to the formation of an elite force know as SCOP, Special Covert Operation Personel, still around today they operate in support of many of the worlds armies as recon and insertion forces. On the night of July 12 a small group of SCOP troops slipped into the Presidential house and captured the Dictator Ivan Rudilf. Other target were also attacked. By morning the former government was restored with President Andrew Urban in power and the WAR supporters were set to stand trial. As the trial date neared 12 out of the 100 captured committed suicide out of shame for what they had done. The rest were found guilty of treason. They were then dropped in the middle of the ocean to the west of Bowdani with only a weeks rations and a life boat. They are all presumed dead.

298 AD: Bowdani is Recognized
Bowdani was recognized by the international community as a soverign nation. It was also granted a seat in the UNV at this time. Lots of changes happen in the next couple years. Everything from new flags, new policy and eventually war.

300 AD: Civil War
The nation shuts down for almost a year as the government of President Urban is overthrown by the population. The economy had fallen, trade had stopped, Bowdani Minor was falling apart and international relations were going nowhere. Sir David Leah assumes the Presidency and pledges to restore Bowdani to it's former glory. His first act is to declare the Tribal Nation of Solimar independent of Bowdani. He honored the wishes of the native people who were treated with disrespect while Ex-President Urban was in power.

301 AD: History is born
Bowdani begin a new age full of hope