Coare Republic

The Coare Republic is one of the seven successor states of the Republic of Bowdani. Located in the northwest of the former republic, the Coare Republic borders Caboteniasa, Tak, and the Lectern of United Kencari Peoples.

Official name: Coare Republic (Ingallish); Nestarsee no'Ggoare (Coare)
Pronunciation: /kear/, /naze-tar-sea known-gear/
: Coare, Coarian
Area: t.b.d.
Regime: republic

: 21,855,955 (est. 1/1/318)
Population density: t.b.a.
Population growth: 1.11% (317)
Life expectancy: 73.0 (male), 78.6 (female)
Top 5 cities (+ inhabitants):
   Coarnigg / Corning (1,601,551)
   Strycyseen / Stryxene (670,418)
   Ntigocas / Ddökes / Gremmouth (394,456)
   Doazybas / Ddassobes / Nykirk (272,022)
   Ridani / Ridany (130,127)
Ethnic groups: Coare, Ingallish, Kencari, Tak
Languages: Coare, Ingallish, Kencari, Tak
Literacy: 96%
Religions: Orthodox Church of Bowdani (71%), Papaist Church (21%), Tak earth religion (6%), other (2%)
Universities: Coarnigg State University

Highest mountain
: Mount Intch (4,112 m)
Longest river: Doide (Didy (Coare), Ddidu (Coastal Kencari), source in the LUKP
Climate: temperate

Official holidays
: Saint Anastasia (10 March), Day of the Republic (31 May), Spring Day (21 September)
National anthem: t.b.a.
Flag: three suns placed vertically at the mast side on a rectangular blue base, representing growth and prosperity.

: 16 October 316 (secession from Bowdani)
Capital: Coarnigg / Corning
Administrative division: twelve provinces
Head of state: President Sir Julius Whittington (since 16 October 316, acting until 1 February 317). The President is elected by the House of Coare by a single transferrable vote system. The role of President is largely ceremonial.
Legislative: House of Coare / Laas no'Ggoare, consisting of the First Chamber / Melaas (129 members) and the Second Chamber / Billaas (51 members). Elections take place at least every four years. The President appoints a Prime Minister who is however nominated by a parliamentary majority. The Prime Minister composes the government.
Head of government: Prime Minister Mr Osbert Hindhalleigh (independent, since 14 June 318)
Minister of foreign affairs: Ms Agatha Libby-Kiljoy (MTP, since 14 June 318)
Diplomatic relations: list.
International organisations: United Nations of Vexillium, Smalik Union for Economic Cooperation and Security
Judiciary: t.b.a.

: 647.02 billion; 29,604 per capita (est. 317)
Currency: Ntymaersy (Nt); Bowdani Shester (ƒ) accepted until 319
Inflation: 7.1% (317)
Unemployment: 5.0% (est. 1/1/318)
Working population: agriculture 28.9%, industry 24.4%, services 46.7%
Export: t.b.a.
Import: t.b.a.
Main trade partners: SUECS, LUKP, Caboteniasa, Flovaigne, Davenport, ...
Main companies: Coare National Bank (banking), Coare Railway Company (CRC, railway), Fare Sealodge & Barrelmaker (FsB, finance), ...

International phone number
: +353
Main local numbers: 0100 Coarnigg, 0340 Strycyseen, 0750 Ntigocas, 0200 Doazybas, 0300 Ridani
Internet code: .cr, .cor
Main newspapers: t.b.a.
Time zone: CMT -3

: One highway between Coarnigg and Strycyseen (A1). There are plans to build a highway between Coarnigg via Ntigocas and Hikirk to Ƿəək (Tak). Smaller roads connect Coare with its neighbouring countries.
Railroads: One line between Coarnigg and Ridani, continuing into the LUKP, but international service has been suspended for the time being.
Airports: the former Coarnigg regional airport is now the Coare International Airport, but it needs urgent maintenance and expansion. There is a regional airport on the island of Doascaen (Newport) as well as several airfields throughout the country.