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Black Bowdani, officially just called Bowdani, is a nation in the west of Smalik, formed on 18 December 318 by the troops of Colonel Marcus Baycon who wanted to secure that part of the LUKP from the civil war that was going on elsewhere in the LUKP. In doing so, he established a nation dominated by Ingallish, in which indigenous minorities are considered second rate citizens. The nickname 'Black Bowdani' is derived from the colour of Col. Baycon's troops' uniforms and serves to distinguish the nation from White Bowdani, which is also officially just called Bowdani.

Geography and climate
Black Bowdani borders the Coare Republic in the north and northwest, Tak in the northeast, and Kencari in the southeast. To the southwest the Cislendian Ocean is located. The borders with Coare and Tak are mountaineous and the country's landscape in general is rough and hilly. 

Black Bowdani has a temperate oceanic climate with mean temperatures between 0°C / 32°F in winter and 25°C / 77°F in summer.

Until 316, Black Bowdani was part of Bowdani and from 316 to 318 part of the Lectern of United Kencari Peoples. Since its independence on 18 December 318, Col. Baycon has established a military regime. Recent developments in early 320 suggest however that he doesn't have control over the entire nation.

Ingallish is the official language of Black Bowdani but only 39% of the nation's population actually speaks this language as their native tongue. With 44%, Coastal Kencari is the largest minority language, followed by Coare with 12%, and North Pocari and Tak with 2% each.

The country's dominant religion is the Orthodox Church of Bowdani, although there are manifestations of Tak's nature religion as well.

Major cities include Zastrey (Ddastreha), the capital Fort Urban (Urbana Owc/Aerdygat), Rockenfield (Cehi Bäde), and Sheep's Cove (Bboca Ozust).

Colonel Marcus Baycon has been the nation's leader since its independence. He has appointed a cabinet of military and civilians (including minister of foreign affairs Dr. Adalbert Cosgrove) but there is no legislative body and an unstructured judiciary. Opposition movements are suppressed and some of their leaders have been arrested and imprisoned.

The government has introduced the New Shester as the nation's currency but no coins and banknotes have been produced yet. Although there is an offical conversion system with other currencies (most notably the Tak Sab), the situation is highly susceptible to fraud.

Society, culture, and sports