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The Republic of Maysoran, Algheran and Shaoran (or 'Republic of MAS' for short) is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean and consists of three main islands: Maysoran, Algheran and Shaoran, and a dozen of smaller islands. The country has around 380,800 inhabitants, 92,400 of whom live in the capital Bizet. The republic of MAS separated from Mauritius and was proclaimed independent in 1992; together with Mauritius it had been independent since 1968 and before that the islands were a colony of the British Empire.

The population consists of descendants from both the first European colonists, Arab traders who settled on the islands, African slaves and indentured labourers who were imported from India to work on sugar cane plantations after slavery in the nineteenth century was abolished.

The republic lays a claim on the Chagos Archipelago (800 km to the east) and the Agalega Islands (700 km to the west).

Area: 874 km2
Inhabitants: 432,423 (1/1/2023)
Density: 494.76 inh/km2
City top five (with inhabitants):
  ▪ Bizet (110,178)
  ▪ Surati (52,344)
  ▪ Konda (27,761)
  ▪ Mardjuli (25,658)
  ▪ Darsam (23,122)
Languages: English (official), French, Creole, Hindi
Religions: Islam (41%), Christianity (33%), Hinduism (24%), other (2%)
Universities: State University of Bizet
Official holidays:
National anthem:

Official name: Republic of Maysoran, Algheran and Shaoran
Form of government: parliamentary republic
Independence: 1992
Capital: Bizet
Administrative division:
Head of state: president Haseena Begum (SPM, since 2020)
Parliament: a unicameral parliament of 99 members who are elected every five years.
Political parties: Independence Party (IP), Party for National Renewal (PNR), Socialist People's Movement (SPM), Jamaat-e-Islami Maysoran, Algheran, and Shaoran (JIMAS)
Head of government: Salman Faruq (RP, since 2017)
Minister of foreign affairs: John Golenge (SPM, since 2017)

Member of FICT: since 2 May 2015
Member of other organisations:
Ambassador to FICT: Mr Vijay Kuptar (since 17 January 2020)
Diplomatic relations with FICT member states:
  ▪ Adzhatia: Mr Muhammad Hussayni (based in London, the United Kingdom)
  ▪ Harrawi: Mr Yacoob Fateh Muhammad (based in Nairobi, Kenya)
  ▪ Île de Romanhe: Mr Gurprith Kumar (based in Pretoria, South Africa)
  ▪ Kaupelan: Mr Ali Hussayni (based in Jakarta, Indonesia)
  ▪ Kronenburg: Mr Rajnath Talwar (based in Washington DC, United States)
  ▪ New Courland: Mr Ali Rifai (based in Mexico City, Mexico)
  ▪ Tarmorya: Mr Ahmad Bilur (based in Caļro, Egypt)
  ▪ Voskia: Mr Arun Prasad (based in Paris, France)
  ▪ Yukland: Mr Muhammad Hussayni (based in London, the United Kingdom)
  ▪ Yutyrama: Mr Frank Crouzeur (based in Brasilia, Brazil)

Highest mountain:
Climate: tropical, maritime climate
Av. temperature in January and July: 29°C 24°C
Av. quantity of rain: 2200 mm
Time zone: UTC+5

GDP: $3,254 million = $7,525.04 per capita (2022)
Currency: (Maysorian) Rupee (1 Rupee = $ 0.004)
Inflation: 10% (2022)
Unemployment: 6% (2022)
Working population: agriculture 26%; industry 16%; services 58%
Export: agricultural products (tea),food, textile
Import: oil, coal, technological products, food
Main partners: Eastern Africa, India, Australia, China
Main businesses: Maysorian Airways, Shad Devi Hotels & Tourist Resorts, Bizet Shankar Textile Industries

Main newspapers: The Maysorian Nation (daily edition of 28,000 copies)
Main television channels:
Internet extension: .rm
Car code: