About Île de Romanhe

Île de Romanhe is a volcanic island in the southern Indian Ocean, about 1500 kilometers north west of the Kerguelen and 2500 kilometer south east of South-Africa. It is an isolated, scarsely populated and mountaineous country, with a mostly cold and windy climate. The archipelago was created by a giant prehistorical eruption. The highest mountains tower more than 2000 meters above sea level. Until 1982, the country was a French colony named 'Île de Boiguehenneuc', but on 31 December of that year, the country became independent.

: 4,285 km2
: 65,823 (1-1-2017)
Density: 15.36 inh./km2
Official holiday: 31 December (Independence Day)
City top five (with inhabitants):
 ▪ Port de Boiguehenneuc (41,834)
 ▪ Port Augurq (7,278)
 ▪ La Mère à Boire (3,142)
 ▪ Pointe d'Est (2,876)
 ▪ Estilhe (2,632)
Language: Romanhe, French
Religion: Roman Catholic (95%), other (5%)
University: Port de Boiguehenneuc (founded in 1976)

Official name: Républiq Île de Romanhe
Form of government: republic
Capital: Port de Boiguehenneuc
Administrative division: eight districts
Head of state: president ('Azîruque d'Île de Romanhe, litt. 'First of Île de Romanhe'). Presidential elections are held every seven years. Current president is Aristide Faroz-Zaran (FNIR), elected in 2009, reelected in 2011
Parliament: Azemble Romanhe (65 seats; elections once every four years). Until 2005 and between 2009 and 2011, the government was formed by FNIR; between 2005 and 2009, there was a coalition government of URIR and FS and since 2011, a coalition government of FNIR, URIR and FKR has been in office.
Main political parties:
Floq Naxlopa d'Île de Romanhe (FNIR, nationalist party), Union Républicaine d'Île de Romaine (liberal), Floq Socialiste, Floq Kamzher Romanhe (people's party)
Head of government: mr.
Mervin Urzine (URIR), since 2016
Minister of foreign affairs: mr.
François Thémarel-Kernès (FKR), since 2014

Member of FICT
: since 27 June 2012
Member of other organisations: (among others) United Nations (1983), African Union, Unesco, Unctad, WHO, FAO, ILO, OECD, IMF, World Bank, AGL, VFS
Ambassador to FICT: Thimard Bonamy, since 25 May 2016
Diplomatic relations with FICT member states:
Adzhatia: mr. Aristide Mâchefer (based in Stockholm, Sweden)
▪ Amargo: mr. Mervine Kargas Surt (based in Beijing, China)
▪ Guelphia: ms. Françoise Esch-Bouton (based in Canberra, Australia)
  ▪ Harrawi: mr. Gaëtan Naozer (based in Nairobi, Kenya)
  Kaupelan: Hervé Urz Bolhe (based in Jakarta, Indonesia)
▪ Republic of MAS: mr. Gaëtan Naozer (based in Nairobi, Kenya)
▪ New Courland: ms. Mélanie Vauzé Kezt (based in Mexico City, Mexico)
  ▪ Pannonia: mr. Feliz Zjem Janumoy (based in Paris, France)
Tarmorya: mr. Guimarc Mâchefer (based in Cairo, Egypt)
Voskia: mr. Felix Zjem Janumoy (based in Paris, France)
Yukland: mr. Aristide Mâchefer (based in Stockholm, Sweden)
Yutyrama: mr. Aristide Kernès Boncoeur (based in Brasilia, Brazil)

: $134.67 million = $2,045.94 per capita (2016)

Currency: 1 IR Franc = €0.013
Inflation: 7% (2016)
Unemployment: 7% (2016)
Working population: agriculture: 20%; industry: 29%; services: 51%
Export: raw materials, textile
Import: oil, coals, technological products, cars, provisions, raw materials
Main partners: South Africa, China, India, Australia
Main businesses: Union Minière Romanhe (mining), TéléRomanhe, Irtel (telecom), A.I.R. (Air d'Île de Romanhe (aviation)

Main newspapers: La Dépêche d'Île de Romanhe

Highest mountain
: Piton du Soufre Fétide (2045 m.)
Largest lake
: L'Eau Bleue Reservoir
Climate: moderate climate with precipitation in all season
Av. temperature in January and July: 16.5
°C, 4°C
Av. quantity of rain: 620 mm. a year

Time zone
: UTC + 4
Website: information on Geopoeia
Internet extension
: .ri
Car code: RI
National anthem: "Les Feux de ma Terre"