About Guelphia

Guelphia (formally titled the "Kingdom of Guelphia") is a country of some 1.4 million inhabitants located deep in the South Pacific Ocean. Its name is drawn from the House of Welf, which was rendered in English as "Guelph". The House of Welf (as the House of Hanover) was the ruling dynasty in Great Britain when captain James Cook first sailed past the islands in June 1773. Cook named the archipelago after the Royal Family, and also named the main landmasses Brunswick Island and Lunenburg Island after the German cities of Braunschweig and Lüneburg.

: 70,668 km2
: 3,392,969 (1-1-2017)
Population density: 48.01 inhabitants/km2
Official holiday
: 18 February (Proclamation Day)
City top five (with inhabitants):
 ▪ Kingsbury (298,600)
 ▪ Port Frederick (190,140)
 ▪ Corfe Harbour (177,024)
 ▪ Lunenborough (112,766)
 ▪ Swanbrook (108,829)
Language: English
Religion: Anglican Church of Guelphia (78%), other Christians (10%)
Universities: University of Guelphia (1874)

Official name: Kingdom of Guelphia
Form of government: parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Capital: Kingsbury
Administrative division: eight counties, divided into 83 municipalities
Head of state: King James II, since 9 December 2005
Parliament: consisting of the King, the Senate (upper house, 68 members) and the House of Assembly (lower house, 128 members)
Main political parties: National Party (NAT), Democratic Party (DEM), Social Democratic Labour Party (SDLP)

Head of government: prime minister Matthew Jones
Minister of foreign affairs
Colin Perrott

Member of FICT
: since 4 May 2013
Member of other organisations: UN, Commonwealth

Ambassador to FICT(S): Sir Thomas Johnson, since 4 July 2016
Diplomatic relations with FICT member states:
▪ Adzhatia: t.b.d.
  ▪ Harrawi: t.b.d.
  ▪ Īle de Romanhe: t.b.d.
  ▪ Kaupelan: sir Alexander Risdon, since 15 August 2016
  ▪ Republic of MAS: t.b.d.
  ▪ New Courland: t.b.d.
Tarmorya: t.b.d.
Voskia: t.b.d.
Yukland: t.b.d.
▪ Yutyrama: t.b.d.

million = $35,234.00 per capita (2016)
Currency: Guelphian Pound (£1=20 shillings=240 pence) ($20.40)
Inflation: 1.75% (2016)
Unemployment: 4.45% (2016)
Working population: agriculture and mining: 25%; industry: 15%; services: 60%
Export: electronics, forestry products, fruit and vegetables, meat and dairy products, wool
Import: motor vehicles, steel, textiles
Main partners: Australia, China, EU, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore
Main businesses: t.b.d.

Main newspapers: Guelphian Quarterly

Highest mountain
: Mt. Alexander (8,172 ft; 2,491 m)
Main rivers: R. Mitchell, R. Waiparu, R. Waiouta, R. Cope, R. Con
Main lakes
: Lake Copeton, Lake Egerton, Lake Split Rock, Lake Mitchell
: sub-tropical (north), temperate (central and south)

Av. annual temperature in January and July: 13-26
°C, 1-12°C
Av. annual rain: 770 mm (Langford) - 2825 mm (Cruxthwaite)

Time zone
: GMT (UTC) -11
Website: information on Geopoeia
Internet extension
: .gz
Car code: n/a
National anthem: Song of Guelphia