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The Kingdom of Kronenburg (Kronenburgish: Det Kynkriik fan Kroneborg; Dutch: Het Koninkrijk Kronenburg) is a small nation off the coast of the United States of America, close to Long Island, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. In the 16th and 17th centuries the islands were colonised by mostly Frisians and immigrants from Groningen in the Netherlands, and in 1627, independence was declared.

Despite the fact that relations with the United States haven't always been cordial, Kronenburg managed to maintain its independence. Since 2016, the nation consists of four so called 'Elements': Kronenburg proper, the former municipality of West-Cod, and the two overseas territories of the White Islands and the Kronenburg Virgin Islands.

Area: 6444.94 km2 (Kronenburg proper)
Inhabitants: 10,122,477 (est. total 1/1/2023): 9,979,935 (Kronenburg proper), 101,565 (West-Cod), 23,231 (White Islands), 17,746 (Virgin Islands)
Density: 1,548.49 inh/km2 (Kronenburg proper)
City top five (with inhabitants):
  ▪ Alexanderstead / Alexanderstad (2,491,006)
  ▪ Friiskeborg / Friescheburg (1,560,059)
  ▪ Noordein / Noordeinde (910,060)
  ▪ Marianne (748,008)
  ▪ Wetteborg / Waterburg (522,012)
Languages: Kronenburgish, Dutch (Kronenburg proper), English (West-Cod), Dutch, Icelandic, Gaelic dialects, mixed dialects (White Islands), Dutch, Danish, English (Virgin Islands)
Religions: Lutheran (54%), Roman Catholic (21%), Anglican (11%), Judaism (7%)
Universities: Royal University (founded in 1712 in Kronenburg-City, now located in Alexanderstad), Dansk Universitet (Danish University, founded in 1744 in Denestad), University of Technology 'Kornelis Frankema' (founded in 1949 in Waterburg), University of Law and Arts (founded in 2004 in Alexanderstad)
Official holidays: 1st Friday of February (opening of the parliamentary year), 1 June (departure of US occupational forces from Kronenburg in 1947), 16 November (birthday of King Ernst I Frederik)
National anthem:Zoo is Kronenburg - text by J. Hermsen (1789 - 1856), original music by Harmon Ferwerda (1793 - 1877), most popular and frequently used setting by M.J. Hansema (1870 - 1959)

Official name: Det Kynkriik fan Kronenburg (Kronenburgish), Het Koninkrijk Kronenburg (Dutch) ('The Kingdom of Kronenburg')
Form of government: constitutional monarchy
Independence: 1627
Capital: Alexanderstad
Administrative division: four Elements (Kronenburg proper, West-Cod, The White Islands, The Kronenburg Virgin Islands); Kronenburg proper is divided in sixteen municipalities, including the overseas municipality of New-Stavoren
Head of state: King Ernst I Frederik (since 2010), represented by King's Governors in the three smaller Elements.
Parliament: the Zuidkamer ('South Chamber', a unicameral body of 25 members) for the entire kingdom; the Noordkamer ('North Chamber', house of representatives of 101 members) and the Westkamer ('West Chamber' of 34 members) for Kronenburg proper. The other three Elements each have their own parliaments as well.
Political parties:
Head of government: MariŰtte van der Schaaf (f, PSV, since 2021; Kronenburg proper)
Minister of foreign affairs: Oege Kerkhof (PSV, since 2021; Kronenburg proper)

Member of FICT: since 10 November 2019 (Kronenburg proper)
Member of other organisations: United Nations (1973), OAS (1984), Commonwealth of Nations (1989), WTO (1991), AGL (1999), WHO (2000), the Exumbran Convention (2012), and others. Not all Elements are members of all organisations.
Ambassador to FICT: Mr Johannes Oberlinga (since 11 November 2019)
Diplomatic relations with FICT member states:
  ▪ Adzhatia: Mr Bruno Sahm Rosting
  ▪ Harrawi: Mr Bastiaan Persichetti (based in Ca´ro, Egypt)
  ▪ Île de Romanhe: Ms Pernille Nijhuis-Thomsen (based in Pretoria, South Africa)
  ▪ Kaupelan: Mr David Argyel
  ▪ Republic of MAS: Mr Bastiaan Persichetti (based in Ca´ro, Egypt)
  ▪ New Courland: Mr Arvinder Ages (based in Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago)
  ▪ Tarmorya: Mr Bastiaan Persichetti (based in Ca´ro, Egypt)
  ▪ Voskia: Mr Marco Viale (based in Madrid, Spain)
  ▪ Yukland: Ms Emilie Hooijsteijn-Menkema (based in Copenhagen, Denmark)
  ▪ Yutyrama: Ms Mireille Duncan-a Speulda (based in Paramaribo, Suriname)

Highest mountain: Kolonistenpiek (103 m)
Climate: moderate climate with rain in all seasons (Kronenburg proper)
Av. temperature in January and July: 0°C 20°C (Kronenburg proper)
Av. quantity of rain: 1000-1500 mm a year (Kronenburg proper)
Time zone: UTC -4.30. Kronenburg doesn't have daylight saving time.

GDP: $542,440.32 million = $54,353 per capita (2022)
Currency: Kronenburg Guilder ('Geoldne' / 'Gulden', KBG). 1 KBG = $ 0.2114 (1 January 2021)
Inflation: 8.12% (2022)
Unemployment: 6.3% (2022)
Working population: agriculture 6.8%; industry 23.6%; services 69.6%
Export: chemical products, technological products, provisions, raw materials
Import: oil, technological produts, cars, provisions, raw materials
Main partners: United States, Canada, European Union
Main businesses: BT (Bylsma-Tadema, warehouse since 1921), Corona (telecommunications), BartholomeVis (fish processing), Nationale Handelsbank, Van der Meer Verzekeringen (insurance), Andersen (editor), Hobbema Meubels (furniture), SwaBo (media), O3-Investments, HoliDeal (touroperator)

Main newspapers: Kronenburger Bode (1744), Dagbladet af Dansted (1756), Friescheburgsche Courant (1803), Nieuwe Oosterlandsche Courant (1894), Binnenlands Dagblad (1948), Det Kroneborgsk Neisblat (news in the Kronenburg language, 2002. Until 2011 under the name It Kronenb÷rgsk Nysblad)
Main television channels:
Internet extension: .kb
Car code: KRB

Île de Romanhe
the Republic of MAS
New Courland
Île de Romanhe
Nei Kourland