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The Democratic Republic of Harrawi (Harrawi: esh'Umury Demukratyaa Harraay) is a small country in northeastern Africa that borders Djibouti and Ethiopia in the west, Somalia in the south and the Gulf of Aden in the northeast. The country's capital is Oryaa. The origins of the Harrawi people must probably be looked for in Asia Minor. Harrawi became an independent sultanate in 1978 after centuries of, among other, Osman and British rule. The ruling sultans were however overthrown in 2002 and the country has been a republic since.

Area: 27,890 km2
Inhabitants: 1,311,002 (est. 1/1/2023)
Density: 47.01 inh/km2
City top five (with inhabitants):
  ▪ Oryaa (328,133)
  ▪ Hurunn (246,641)
  ▪ Malaa (158,656)
  ▪ Erim (139,886)
  ▪ Neesh (119,060)
Languages: Harrawi (official), Arabic, English, Somali, Afar
Religions: Sunni Muslim (96%), other (4%)
Universities: Oryaa (1979), Malaa (1894)
Official holidays: 15 April (Day of Democracy), 30 May (Independence Day, 1978), 6 October (Foundation of the Republic, 2002)
National anthem: Way'arai, su nass Harraay (Awaken, People of Harrawi; music and lyrics by Muwasau Tusalyiabon (1973 - 2005)

Official name: esh'Umury Demukratyaa Harraay
Form of government: parliamentary republic
Independence: 1978
Capital: Oryaa
Administrative division: ten provinces
Head of state: president Hupilulyum Yepreshias (since 2015)
Parliament: esh'Eshaa Eengatare (Chamber of Deputies, 71 seats). Last election held on 15 March 2019; next to be held on 17 March 2023.
Political parties: New Isb Demukratyaa (NID, New Democratic Party), Onsery Isb Demukratyaa (OID, First Democratic Party), Isb Akshana a Ashula (IAA, Party for Development and Prosperity), Isb e'Saag (IS, Saag-Party), Isb sh'Nassaa Harraay (INH, Party for the People of Harrawi), Sikanish Apiriyatily Harrawia (SAH, Political Initiative for Harrawi), Isb esh'Kuumeen (IK, Kuumeen-Party), Isb esh'Aruunn (IH, Harunn-Party), Aglyawa Slamyawa (AS, Islamic Values), and Isb esh-Eragyaau (IY, Yeraguyau-Party). Current seat division: NID 16, OID 16, IAA 15, IS 11, INH 4, SAH 2, IK 2, IH 2, AS 2, and IY 1. Since 2019, the government coalition consists of NID, OID, and IS.
Head of government: Aames Ugshyaneu (NID, since 2019)
Minister of foreign affairs: Ibreu Saashoon (NID, since 2015)

Member of FICT: since 2 May 2015; before that from 25 June 2011 to 26 June 2012
Member of other organisations: (among others) UN, African Union, Exumbran Convention, OPEC
Ambassador to FICT: Mr Abdurash Memyagshau (since 1 June 2021)
Diplomatic relations with FICT member states:
  ▪ Adzhatia: Mr Sanor Bashinabon (based in Oslo, Norway)
  ▪ Īle de Romanhe: Mr Igbau Lawaanabon (based in Antananarivo, Madagaskar)
  ▪ Kaupelan: Mr Muwasau Amusau (based in Jakarta, Indonesia)
  ▪ Kronenburg: Mr Fayas Fayatabon (based in Washington DC, United States)
  ▪ Republic of MAS: Mr Igbau Lawaanabon (based in Antananarivo, Madagaskar)
  ▪ New Courland: Mr Abdul Wegyeresha (based in Paramaribo, Suriname)
  ▪ Tarmorya: Mr Bashee Shagishayeu
  ▪ Voskia: Mr Yaron Aametabon (based in Rome, Italy)
  ▪ Yukland: Mr Sanor Bashinabon (based in Oslo, Norway)
  ▪ Yutyrama: Mr Abdul Wegyeresha (based in Paramaribo, Suriname)

Highest mountain: Yaumaa Hushuun (Mount Hushun, 1,516 m)
Climate: moderate temperatures, irregular rainfall, hot and dry
Time zone: EAT (UTC + 3)

GDP: $38,697.04 million = $29,517 per capita (2022)
Currency: 1 Harrawi Kush (pl. Kunu) = ca. $0.0321
Inflation: ca. 6.1% (2022 est.)
Unemployment: ca. 8.3% (2022 est.)
Working population: agriculture 11.1%; industry 42.7%; services 46.2%
Export: oil, gas, gold, salt, hides, beans and other commodities, technological products, chemical products
Import: food, technological products, chemical products
Main partners: African Union, countries in the Middle East, United States of America, Russia, European Union
Main businesses: transshipment, refuelling, banking, oil refinery

Main newspapers: sh'Wegunu Harrayoom (The Harrawi Times), e'Saut sh'Naass (The Voice of the People), esh'Umury (The Republic)
Main television channels:
Internet extension: .hw

(in) Adzhatia
(in) Īle de Romanhe
(in) Kaupelan
(in) Kronenburg
(in) the Republic of MAS
(in) New Courland
(in) Tarmorya
(in) Voskia
(in) Yukland
(in) Yutyrama
Adyas, ons Adyati
Romany sh'Nas, ons Romanyi sh'Nasai
Kaupelon, ons Kaupelani
Kronenburg, ons Kronenburgi
esh'Umury MAS, ons esh'Umuryi MAS
New Kuurku, ons Newai Kuurkuerai
Tarmoo, ons Tarmoni
Wuskyaa, ons Wuskyai
Yuukku, ons Yuukkuerai
Yutiramaa, ons Yutiramai