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About FICT · Rules for participants
The Forum for International Cooperation and Trade (FICT) is an international organisation of a number of small countries in several corners of the world and was founded on 25 June 2011 in the city of Purikali, the capital of the kingdom of Kaupelan. FICT aims to foster and improve economic, scientific and cultural development in, and cooperation and trade between its member states by means of the (facilitation of) trade agreements, the promotion of tourism and improvement of traffic of people through a visa agreement, and cultural exchange.

Currently, FICT has fourteen member states: the State of Adzhatia, the Kingdom of Amargo, the Kingdom of Guelphia, the Democratic Republic of Harrawi, the Republic of Île de Romanhe, the Kingdom of Kaupelan, the Kingdom of Kronenburg, the republic of Maysoran, Algheran and Shaoran (MAS), the duchy of New Courland, the Principality of Pannonia, the Kingdom of Tarmorya, the Republic of the Vosks and the Gurds (Voskia), the Republic of Yukland and the Republic of Yutyrama. The membership of Kronenburg is pending ratification of the Treaty of Ísðor.

In real life, FICT is a geofictional project of a small number of persons that created their own countries. If you have created a fictional country on earth as well and you think that it fits in the FICT rules as stated here, you can send an application to the current participants through the FICT forum on Note that you have to register yourself in order to access the forum.

The Forum for International Cooperation and Trade was officially founded on 25 June 2011, and was the result of the FICTS Reform Conference that was held before that date between most of the member states of FICTS and a number of other countries. During the founding conference in Purikali, nine countries were present: Adzhatia, Kaupelan, Tarmorya, Yukland and Yutyrama, who were members of FICTS at that moment, as well as Dhram Phá, Harrawi, Khusqaikama and Kronenburg. The sixth FICTS-country, Tuvelau, didn't sign the Treaty of Purikali and didn't become a member of FICT. Kronenburg didn't sign the Treaty either.

The ratification process of the Treaty of Purikali took the second half of 2011, Dhram Phá being the first (1 July) and Adzhatia being the last (23 December) countries to ratify. The Treaty entered into force however after ratification by Khusqaikama on 21 October. As Adzhatia hadn't ratified yet, the Ambassador of Dhram Phá, Siôŋ Hau, became the first official Chairwoman of the Conference of Ambassadors, replacing transitional chairman Lowok Aralangit (Kaupelan).

The first Council Meeting, held on 4 April 2012, became a disaster. Although the Ambassadors had carefully prepared the agenda and had left only minor disagreements to be filled in, these disagreements proved to be more 'major' than expected and the Budget proposals and budgeting system were fiercely debated in the Council. No compromise was reached and the Meeting ended without any further decision than the acceptance of Chimor as a member state.

After the summit, Chimor, Dhram Phá, Harrawi, Khusqaikama announced that they intended to leave FICT and found a more intensive organisation instead. Adzhatia joined them, although it didn't leave FICT. The member states that declared their allegiance to FICT decided to reform teh Purikali Treaty; this became the Treaty of Ísðor, which was approved on 26 June 2012 during a Council Meeting in Ísðor, the capital of Yukland. During the same meeting, Île de Romanhe and Voskia were accepted as new member states.

The season of 2012-2013 was dominated by the coup d'état and subsequent domestic crisis in Tarmorya, for which the other FICT member states held a special summit, condemning the violence in Tarmorya and urging the country to accept the prime minister of Île de Romanhe, mr. Guimarc Bonamy, as a FICT mediator to help the country's factions solve their dispute. On the General Assembly of 4 May 2013, Guelphia was admitted as new member state of FICT. Since 2013, FICT manage to stabilise and develop as a reliable organisation. On 2 May 2015, Harrawi rejoined FICT, together with two new member states: the republic of MAS, and New Courland. On 7 May 2016, the principality of Pannonia and the kingdom of Amargo joined FICT.

News / Agenda
   ➝ News archive + member states' news

 ▪ 19 November: the Tenth General Assembly
 ▪ of FICT will be held in Amargo.

 ▪ 1 October: Saŭĺ Cħvĕŕiśek replaces
 ▪ Anatoĺ Bugănskie as the ambassador from
 ▪ Adzhatia to FICT.
 ▪ 21 September: Muwat Shonshuu Yusuuf
becomes Secretary General.
 ▪ 6 May: the Ninth General Assembly of FICT
 ▪ was held in Vítgarð, Yukland.

 ▪ 21 March: Sir Thomas Johnson becomes
Secretary General.
 ▪ 21 January: Tomas Ģoni becomes the
new Voskian ambassador to FICT.

 ▪ 20 December: Alwisyu Tanwahu replaces
 ▪ Aryanto Nuhusedim as the ambassador from
 ▪ Kaupelan to FICT.
 ▪ 13 November: the Eighth General Assembly of
 ▪ FICT was held in Divis, Voskia. Originally
 ▪ having been scheduled on 5 November, it was
 ▪ postponed by a week due to the death of
 ▪ former Voskian president Umberto Scuolz.
 ▪ The GA decided that a draft regulation will be
 ▪ presented at the latest in April 2017.

 ▪ 3 October: Parliament of Pannonia ratified the
 ▪ Treaty of Ísðor, enabling the country's full
 ▪ membership of FICT.
 ▪ 21 September: Alexio Mateus becomes
Secretary General.
 ▪ 13 May: Parliament of Amargo ratified the
 ▪ Treaty of Ísðor, enabling the country's full
 ▪ membership of FICT.
 ▪ 7 May: the Seventh General Assembly of
 ▪ FICT was held in Bizet, Republic of MAS. Two
 ▪ new member states joined FICT: Amargo
 ▪ and Pannonia. The Free Trade Agreement
 ▪ was replaced by a new version, and a
 ▪ Secretariat for Scientific Cooperation was
 ▪ founded, to be hosted by Guelphia.
 ▪ 21 March:
Anatoĺ Bugănskie becomes
 ▪ Secretary General for the second time.

 ▪ 7 November: the Sixth General Assembly of
 ▪ FICT was held in Porto de Mata, Yutyrama. It
 ▪ was decided that FICT Games will be held in
 ▪ every odd year, the next in 2017 in Kaupelan.

 ▪ 29 June: Mr. Rajesh Mandal was appointed
 ▪ as the ambassador to FICT of the Republic
 ▪ of Maysoran, Algheran and Shaoran today,
 ▪ after the MAS parliament ratified the Treaty
 ▪ of Ísðor last Friday.