No links anymore
Normal websites always have something new when their style is changed, but I do it the other way around: on previous versions of this website I had links to the official web pages of most heads of state and government, but for some reason many governments change their addresses every once in a while, so it became a bit boring to check regularly if they were all still valid. I decided that potential viewers of this site must be quite capable by now of searching the appropriate websites themselves and that I don't need to include direct links on this site anymore. Sorry for any inconvenience that may be caused by this decision. - 22 February 2014

Although I try to keep this website as up to date as possible, it may happen that I miss events, especially in smaller countries in the east or in dependencies. If you want to know the latest developments, another site that I find useful is, which lists heads of state and government as well as several ministers of all countries and subdivisions thereof in the world.

Copyright etc.
Most of the photos I found on the internet and are therefore not originally owned by me. All photos were edited by me to fit in the layout style of this website. If you are the original owner of a photo and don't want me to use it on this website, please contact me.

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