Rumen Radev is president of Bulgaria (22 January) · Bjarni Benediktsson is prime minister of Iceland (11 January) · Sorin Grindeanu is prime minister of Romania (4 January) · Doris Leuthard is president of Switzerland (1 January) · Nicola Renzi is secretary of state for foreign and political affairs of San Marino (27 December) · Igor Dodon is president of Moldova (23 December ) · Saulius Skvernelis is prime minister of Lithuania (13 December) · Paolo Gentiloni is prime minister of Italy (12 December) · Bernard Cazeneuve is prime minister of France (6 December) · Duško Marković is prime minister of Montenegro (28 November) · Jüri Ratas is prime minister of Estonia (23 November) · Mladen Ivanić is president of Bosnia and Hercegovina (17 November) · Andrej Plenković is prime minister of Croatia (19 October) · Kersti Kaljulaid is president of Estonia (10 October) · Howard Quayle is chief minister of the Isle of Man (4 October) · Marino Riccardi and Fabio Berardi are captains regent of San Marino (1 October) · Karen Karapetyan is prime minister of Armenia (13 September) · Bakytzhan Sagintayev is prime minister of Kazakhstan (8 September)

Welcome to my site that lists the incumbent heads of state and government of the countries and some dependencies in Europe.

The countries mentioned here are official countries, that are recognised by the United Nations or by at least one member state of the United Nations. This means that apart from the regular countries, this site also features Northern (Turkish) Cyprus, Kosovo, South Ossetia and Abkhazia, although the matter of their sovereignty is still being discussed. Also mentioned is the Sovereign Order of Malta, a 'state' that has been without territory since 1798, but which retains its claims of sovereignty under international law and has been granted permanent observer status at the United Nations.

55 entities are listed on this website. Thirteen of those (the kingdoms of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, and the United Kingdom, as well as the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the principalities of Liechtenstein, Monaco and Andorra, the Vatican or Holy See, and the Order of Malta) can be considered monarchies - although technically speaking, Andorra is a diarchy, as it has two co-princes as its heads of state - while the other 42 are republics. Apart from these, six dependencies are listed: Gibraltar, the Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey, the Faroe Islands and the Åland Islands. Since they share their heads of state with the countries to which they are related, only their heads of government are mentioned.

When you want to send me (better) pictures of the people on this website, or when you want to ask me to remove one, or when you just want to ask me something (I don't guarantee that I can answer all questions), please send me an email!