New Courland, officially the Duchy of New Courland, is a country in the Caribbean, close to Trinidad and Tobago. Originally a colony of the duchy of Courland and Semigallia (together with a part of Tobago), it was occupied by several other colonial powers, including the Dutch and the Spanish, before it became part of the British Empire in 1814 as part of the Trinidad and Tobago colony; the main island of New Courland was renamed Carolina. In the interbellum and after the second world war, many Latvians and Lithuanians settled on Carolina and when the colony became independent in 1962, Carolina left Trinidad and Tobago, forming its own duchy within the Commonwealth of Nations.

Official name: Duchy of New Courland
Conventional name: New Courland
Demonym: New Curonian, New Courland
Area: ca. 450 km2
Inhabitants: 170,491 (est. 1/1/2021)
Population density: ca. 378.87 inh./km2
Form of government: constitutional monarchy

Growth rate
: -0.15% (2020)
Life expectancy: 72.34 years (women), 68.28 years (men)
Largest settlement: Louise Charlotte (61,000 inhabitants - municipality)
Ethnic groups: Balts (Latvians, Latgalians, Lithuanians; 38%), Spaniards and Venezuelans (21%), Britons (13%), Africans (9%), Indian/South Asians (8%), Caribs (4%), French Creoles (2%)
Languages: English (official), Latvian, Spanish, Lithuanian, African and South Asian languages, Carib, French, Welsh, etc.
Literacy: 99%
Religions: Anglicanism (28.7%), Evangelical Lutheranism (26.2%), Roman Catholicism (17.5%), Hinduism (8%), Islam (5%).

: Louise Charlotte
Administrative divisions: eight municipalities: Louise Charlotte, Zelta Kalni, Yeovil, Jauna Piltene, Penllergaer, Kettler's Port, Nuestra Señora del Perpetuo Dolor and Maza Osta/Little Harbour
Head of state: duchess Elizabeth (= queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain), since 1952 / 1962; she is normally represented in New Courland by a Governor General
Governor General: mr. Satyavant Bhandare, since 1 June 2013
Parliament: unicameral parliament of 29 members called the Diet
Main political parties: the Progress and Development Party (PDP), Conservative Party (CP), Social Consideration Party (SCP), and Labour Party (LP) have seats in the current Diet.
Head of government: Laila Miró-Rozenberga (PDP), since 19 June 2015
Current minister of foreign affairs: Hilario Holquín (PDP), since 11 June 2019

Membership of international organisations
: ACP, the Commonwealth of Nations, Caricom, CDB, ECLAC, Exumbran Convention, FAO, FICT, IADB, IBRD, ICAO, ICCt, ICRM, IDA, IFAD, IFC, ILO, IMF, IMO, Intelsat, Interpol, IOC, ISO, ITU, ITUC, LAES, NAM, OAS, OPCW, UN, UNCTAD, UNESCO, UNIDO, UNU, UPU, WCO, WFTU, WHO, WIPO, WMO, WTrO.

Internet code
: .dn
Country code
Time zone
: UTC -4. New Courland has no daylight saving.

: 3,247.91 million US$; 19,050 US$ per capita (est. 2020)
Currency: Thaler, divided in 100 Groats
Inflation: 0.6% (2020)
Unemployment: 5.3% (2020)
Working population: agriculture 9.2%, industry 40.4%, services 50.4%
Export: petroleum (products), LNG, ethanol, steel products, cereal (products), sugar, cocoa, coffee, citrus fruit, vegetables, flowers
Import: machinery, transportation equipment, manufactured goods, food, chemicals, live animals
Main partners: USA, EU, South American nations, China, Canada
Main businesses:
Main newspapers: New Courland Observer, the Louise Charlotte Daily, the Voice of New Courland

: a network of sometimes narrow roads across Grand Island; one road on Little Island
Public transport
: buses, taxis and a railway connection between Louise Charlotte and Zelta Kalni
: connections between Louise Charlotte, Nuestra Señora del Perpetuo Dolor and Little Harbour as well as with towns in Trinidad and Tobago
: the international airport 'Willem Mollens' near Louise Charlotte

Highest mountains
: Mount Elizabeth (815 metres), Sunshine Peak (771), Mount Relief (702)
Climate: tropical

: "Be true my fatherland", written in 1964 by Orwell Baynes
Flag:A rectangular field divided vertically in three parts: one dark blue, one white, and one light blue. The white part contains a red star in the centre.
National holiday: 15 September


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