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3 July 2013: Former minister of justice, ms. Rasa Boss-Butkeviciene, has been approved by the Diet as the new Deputy Governor-General. She will start on 8 July in an 'acting' capacity until she is formally appointed by the Duchess.
28 June 2013: Deputy Governor-General mr. Yogesh Azhikode has stepped down following 'unbridgeable differences of opinion' between the new Governor-General and himself.
1 June 2013: Former Louise Charlotte mayor mr. Satyavant Bhandare has succeeded sir Ewen Gray today as Governor-General of New Courland. Mr. Yogesh Azhikode remains in office as Deputy Governor-General.
14 March 2013: Culture minister mr. Chaudry Javed Sattar wants a new concert hall in Louise Charlotte, claiming that the current building is hopelessly old-fashioned.
26 January 2013: Sir Ewen Gray, the Governor-General of New Courland, has announced his retirement as of 1 June.
14 January 2013: The Conservative Party asked for stricter policies regarding public safety in Louise Charlotte after three prostitutes were found murdered within two weeks time. Mike Stilton, the minister responsible for national security, told the CP that the national police force is sufficiently effective to deal with this case.
3 December 2012: The New Courland Diet elected the three New Courland members of the Exumbran Parliament today. The PDP won two seats, the Conservative Party one.
6 November 2012: The Exumbran Convention will start officially on 15 November, the prime minister's office announced today.

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