The Governor (or X́ahalȧ) is the head of state of Cartyas. Although Cartyas has always had some kind or head of state that was called X́ahalȧ, previous translations include 'head of state', 'leader', 'duke' and even 'king', depending on his or her duties. Both men and women can become X́ahalȧ, although the majority of the people who were X́ahalȧ were men.

Currently the office of X́ahalȧ is a mostly ceremonial one. Since 1991, the X́ahalȧ is appointed for life, but the office is not hereditary - as it was between 1724 and 1854. When a X́ahalȧ dies, his successor is elected in a special meeting of the Thing (the parliament of Cartyas). The X́ahalȧ is an example for the Cartian society; he is the Protector of the Country and Defender of the (Nagaskiskian) Faith.

s Name Reign Remarks
1 V́ohuq́ Oȧhop (f) 1724 - 1753 former governor of Xėlurq́ȧ
2 Ezile Oȧhome 1753 - 1756 predecessor's brother
3 Ȧx́hȧrq́ Ezileme 1756 - 1777 predecessor's son
4 Vȧrnes Ȧx́hȧrq́ȧme 1777 - 1786 predecessor's son
5 İzusćitė Vȧrnesep (f) 1786 - 1831 predecessor's daughter
6 Orq́uq Orq́uqume 1831 - 1854 predecessor's grandson, killed
7 Ȧxdeb́e Oluhume 1854 - 1859 first non hereditary governor
8 Vȧrnes Ocoqėlėme 1859 - 1866 s
9 Vȧrnes Źarq́ėme 1866 - 1868 killed
10 İźelisćė Av́eme 1868 - 1874 s
11 V́ohuq́ Ahiv́ėp (f) 1874 - 1880 s
12 Ezile Ovorq́ome 1880 - 1881 s
13 Ziv́ih Źux́home 1881 - 1913 killed
s troubles, civil war 1913 - 1922 s
14 Ahal Ȧrq́aq́ame 1922 - 1926 four year terms
15 Vȧrnes Oluhume 1926 - 1934 s
16 Ozėv́i Ohȧhome 1934 - 1938 s
17 Vushauv̇e Ziv́ihime 1938 - 1942 s
18 U̇v́i U̇v́ime 1942 - 1945 died in office
19 Ov́ėh Av́eme 1945 - 1956 seven year terms as of 1949
20 Ȧx́hȧrq Oluhume 1956 - 1963 s
21 Ȧxdeb́e Ȧxdeb́eme 1963 - 1977 s
22 Ovorq́ Pıraname 1977 - 1984 s
23 Oȧho Źarq́ėme 1984 - 1991 s
24 Oȧho Ezileme 1991 - 1999 appointed for life as of 1991
25 Ocoqėl Ȧx́hȧrq́ȧme 1999 - 2014 s
26 Lȯtar Hėriberteme 2014 - 2013 s

The current governor Lȯtar Hėriberteme was elected in January 2014 after his predecessor died as a result of a fireworks accident on New Year's Eve.

Lȯtar is a poet of East-Rudentian origin, which caused some controversy when parliament announced its decision to elect him as the new governor. He was born on 5 August 1934 as Lothar Rumpf in the then Rudentian town of Mengenhausen (present-day Burq́u̇x́alexe). Unlike his parents Heribert and Elfriede Rumpf and his two brothers GŁnther and Adolf, who didn't like the fact that their town was annexed by Cartyas after the Second World War and went to live in Schellingen in the '50s, Lȯtar embraced Cartian society after he met his future Cartian wife One Gevop in 1953. Lȯtar changed his name to give it a more Cartian appearance, learnt to speak Cartian fluently and studied the language for some years at the university of Hov́an.

He started working as a town secretary in Ȧsıqtau, but in 1965 his first collection of poetry appeared with the title "İdox́ȧsćeni Vov́uh" (Autumnal Orchard), and after his second collection "Onaxe" (Brothers), in which he reflects semi-autobiographically on the good relationship that he had with his brothers and his sadness about the fact that he didn't see them for years after their emigration to Schellingen, became a success, he received a state allowance, as a result of which he was able to write on a fulltime basis. The themes that Lȯtar covers in his poetry are mainly about nature and the changing of the seasons, and about his family.

Lȯtar and One have six children (two sons and four daughters). His political views are not entirely known, although his behaviour during his adult life suggests a chauvinistic but politically passive attitude towards Cartyas as a nation. The fact that he still speaks German fluently and has a good knowledge of English could contribute to a more open attitude of Cartyas towards its neighbours. During his first few months in office, Lȯtar expressed indeed his views that Cartyas should involve itself more in international affairs.