The government of Cartyas has been a continuously operating institution since it was established in 1922. The members of the government decide for themselves who will join or leave it. This is however closely monitored by the Źu̇x́o (the Thing; the parliament of Cartyas) and if the latter thinks that a certain government member change doesn't serve the best interests of the country, it can issue a binding advise to the government to alter its decision.

The current government composition was established on 19 January 2018, when prime minister Ziv́ih Oluhume was sacked and arrested on suspicion of espionage, which triggered a few other changes. For lists of ministers since 1922, look here.

In the table below, the first column under "since" indicates the year in which the member joined the government, the second column indicates the year in which he or she obtained his or her current portfolio.

The colours have the following meaning:
 - unchanged since the last reshuffle: green
 - different portfolio since the last reshuffle: lime
 - new member since the last reshuffle: blue

Function Name Since
Prime Minister Alecsander Ehohome 2016 2018
Agriculture Otėq́ Ocoqėlėme 2014 2014
Budget Zeno Ȯṕime 2016 2016
Culture and religious affairs Qah́us Halǵame 2014 2014
Defense col. F́ėv́ȧn Ezilep 2012 2012
Domestic affairs Ǵon Źux́home 2012 2016
Economic affairs Ėban Ȧǵaume 2014 2016
Education Ėv́in Qurhep 2016 2016
Employment İvil Q́ovume 2016 2016
Finance Lev́e Źarq́ėp 2005 2012
Fisheries Cu̇m Ṕuq́ȧlȧme 2015 2015
Foreign affairs Ṕaǵon Oluhup 2008 2015
Foreign trade Duh́us Hȯvaname 2016 2016
Housing Oȧho Ohȧhome 2009 2014
Information and communication Macsim Ȯṕime 2018 2018
Justice Ozė Av́ep 2013 2014
Mining and natural resources İna Gevome 2014 2014
Public health Hiq́ Ezilep 2007 2007
Public works Beri Spu̇ru̇me 2016 2016
Scientific development Acau Claudıp 2016 2018
Social affairs Dȧvit Ṕuq́ȧlȧme 2016 2016
Spatial planning Źulǵȧq́ Ṕuq́ȧlȧme 2014 2014
Traffic and tourism Ȧrq́aq́ U̇draname 2010 2015