Аџач Валтежіш Ефішіеље Вепсаітча • Adźać Valteźiś Efiśieĺe Vepsaitća
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Astrid Kŭćma elected President of the Adzhatian State (28/09/2022) Presidential elections in September (25/05/2022) FICT sympathetic with Adzhatia (21/05/2022) End of Covid-19 measures - for now (01/05/2022) Footballer Tulcicei FSTS Director? (13/04/2022)

Map of Adzhatia. Click for a larger version.



The State of Adzhatia is a democratic republic in the Barentzsea, to the northeast of Norway and north of the Russian Kola peninsula. Originally, the island, which is called Valya, was solely inhabited by Finno-Ugric peoples close to Finns and Karelians, but during and after the Second World War, almost the entire Adzhatian population, which used to live in the area around the Russian-Belarusian-Ukrainian border tripoint, was transported to Valya, where most of them got jobs in the mines.

Valya received the status of Autonomous Socialist Soviet Republic (A.S.S.R.) as the Adzhatian A.S.S.R. in 1950. In 1991, Adzhatia declared itself independent and has been a (most of times chaotic) emerging republic since that year. As a former Soviet nation, Adzhatia is your typical country that is torn between a desire to join NATO and the European Union, and pressure to maintain its traditional ties with Russia.

The country has been a member of the international organisation FICT since 2011.